Sun Chemical boosts Performance Pigments portfolio

Published: 15-Sep-2015

At in-cosmetics Brasil 2015, Sun Chemical will introduce 13 new colour effects from its Performance Pigments portfolio. Ten of the new colours are part of the SunSHINE line of pure synthetic mica-based pearlescent pigments. Designed to fit with future trends and help designers formulate unique effects, the ten new pigment colours range from silver and gold metallic effects to bright, sparkling accents in green and blue.

According to Sun Chemical, SunSHINE pigments provide some of the lowest residual heavy metal levels available in the market and their transparency, lustre, chroma, broad range of particles sizes, and smoothness make them ideal for use in all finished product formulations.

In addition, the company will introduced three new colour effects to its Intenza portfolio. These combine certified organic colourants with an alumina substrate resulting in remarkable hue and chroma without the need for intense grinding and milling. These pigments are free of additives and preservatives with heavy metal specifications that surpass global regulatory requirements.

The three new shades, Poppy Red, Hyacinth Blue and Sunflower, join a wide range of vivid colour shades in the Intenza product range.

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