SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold: A declaration of love to Indian summer

Published: 2-Jun-2020

The synthetic pearlescent pigments of SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold are ideally suited for color cosmetics and personal care applications.

The effect pigments surprise constantly: Depending on a light or dark background, the incidence of light and viewing angle, SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold gives cosmetics and personal care applications an unexpected new radiance with every look.

SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold pearlescent pigments are based on metal oxide coated, synthetic Fluor phlogopite flakes. Thanks to the synthetic origin of the substrate and the controlled production of the mica particles, the degree of purity is much higher compared to natural mica.

The incomparable color purity of SYNCRYSTAL effect pigments is mainly due to these two factors.

On the technical side, SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold also convinces with its strong hiding power and consistently high processing quality.

SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold offers a wide range of formulation possibilities: The synthetic pearlescent pigment offers very pure colors but at the same time intensive shades.

SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold is very versatile - it can be perfectly combined with other ECKART products for many applications.

For example, the addition of SYNCRYSTAL Red and Gold creates a trendy nude look with a subtle gold shimmer in a lip gloss, while the blending with SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black in a liquid eyeliner conjures up a deep, virtually metallic shine.

We have prepared a number of formulation suggestions for you with the new SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold, which you are welcome to implement directly.

These formulations are available for free download from the ECKART homepage here.

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