Sytheon introduces Asyntra D-Stress

Published: 22-Apr-2022

D-Stress relieves stress and revitalizes skin for a relaxed appearance & radiant glow

Innovation is not limited to new synthetic structure or new application of a defined compound. The innovations that enable progress also include new methods of understanding. True innovation does require years of development.

Happy and healthy skin can be yours with Asyntra® D-stress.

With solid research behind the product, Sytheon introduces Asyntra® D-Stress, which acts synergistically with CBD/Hemp Oil, amplifying its most positive attributes. The product can also be used alone. It significantly reduces the loss of anandamide, the “bliss molecule,” by targeting Endocannabinoid System regulators such as fatty acid amide hydrolases and fatty acid binding proteins through CB1- and CB2-independent mechanisms which relieves stress & revitalizes skin for a relaxed appearance & radiant glow.

Sytheon introduces Asyntra D-Stress

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