T-LAB Professional launches skin care products in bestselling hair-scalp lines

Published: 7-Dec-2020

As a continuation of T-LAB Professional’s innovative Health & Beauty Ecosystem concept, we are both proud and excited to launch a range of skin care products in 4 existing and bestselling hair-scalp lines.

  • Royal Detox for deep scalp detoxification and a beauty-full hair glow

  • Sapphire Energy for pro-age advanced hair strengthening and scalp revitalisation

  • Natural Lifting for instant volume, scalp moisturisation, and long-term hair growth

  • Aura Oil for hair/scalp luxury nourishment and organic well being

Up to 99% natural, vegan, eco-friendly, gender-neutral beloved T-LAB Professional hair care products now are offering new innovative and inclusive body-face-hair care solutions by introducing you Absolute Wash and a body-face-hands formula in Absolute Cream.

Formulations of these products contain unique natural complex that is based on certified organic ingredients and were created to complete our holistic view on the health and beauty ecosystem.

The Health and Beauty Ecosystem Concept is intrinsically centered on promoting the entire human body as one interconnected system. The innovation and creation of these product lines require a unified and holistic approach in the research, development, and production of a range of natural cosmetic products that are beneficial to the complete physical well-being of every person.

This targeted approach has resulted in the creation of a complete line of hair-scalp-skin/care products in answer to the questions posed by modern living.

As an example of this all-encompassing approach, Royal Detox has been purposely created for those living in busy urban environments and who require detoxification of the whole body including hair, scalp, and skin; along with paying heed to the vital process of internal detoxification.

The T-LAB Professional brand can trace its origins to a chain of prestigious beauty salon chain, providing an extensive range of professional services, including hair care, skin care, body care, hand, and nail care, as well as the much-lauded introduction of an International Beauty Academy providing professional education to beauticians and personal care therapists since 1994.

This acute attention to holistic health and beauty concerns will see T-LAB Professional introduce further supplements to each existing line as well as other eco-conscious personal and home care products in the coming year.

To become T-LAB Professional Partner, please contact us at tlab@vtholding.com.

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