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The best premade lash fans in 2022

Published: 18-Jan-2023

Premade lash fans are volume fans produced by an eyelash extension manufacturer and bonded at the base using glue or heat

Premades come pre-attached to lash strips and in trays for easy application. There are numerous types of premade lash fans with various advantages available today. To help you narrow down the many options of premade lash fans, Flawless Lashes by Loreta has sorted the best premade lash fans to help you find the right one quickly.

In this article by Flawless Lashes by Loreta, you will find our picks for different premade lash fan use cases, as well as factors and benefits you need to consider before choosing the best premade lash fans.

Handpicking the perfect premade volume lash fan can be tough because there's no shortage of premade lash fans out there. But the question is, which are the best premade lash fans for your clients in 2022?

Best Premade Fans for Beginners

Perfect lashes are not easy to achieve, despite what many people might have you believe. The concept is not hard to grasp, but putting it into practice successfully necessitates a high level of expertise to avoid an unsightly spider web of hair across the top of your eyelids. Beginner lash technicians struggle to make correct beautiful Volumes, or Russian volume lash fans. It takes time and effort to perfect the art of lashing, and beginners should expect to make some mistakes along the way. Inexperienced lash artists frequently apply too much or too little adhesive, and they often misplace the eye patches. The lash extensions are not always applied properly. There is a rising demand for skilled lash artists, but many of them lack the proper training.

The 3D premade volume fans have varying lengths and curls. We have C, CC, and D curls that we provide in mixed premades trays in 3D and 4D volume lash fans trays. It gives artists the advantage of having all of the required lengths and curls to complete several lash applications rather than buying single length trays, which would require them to buy at least 4-5 trays instead of one tray!

4D premade volume fans are a wonderful addition to your collection of premade fans. They are constructed from the same 0.07 thickness individual lash extensions as 3D , but thicker than our 6D, 8D or 10D extensions. If you want to produce a more realistic effect, this premade fan is the go to.

Best Premade Fans for Professionals

Since the eyes are the body's most delicate organ, only trained professional lash artists should choose the best premade fans because they are highly trained to master the art of lashing. Eyelash extension chemicals and gels are only applied by trained professionals.

Premade eyelash extensions are a great way to add drama to your clients’ eyes without getting a full set of lashes permanently glued to your eyelid. But if you're a volume lash artist, you know there's some time involved in applying the extensions. That's where 6D and 8D premade volume fans come in: they speed up the application process so you can get more clients. These volume fans are hassle-free to work with and maintain their shape without ever veering.

The 6D premade volume fans are created using 6 individual extensions, which are then fused together using heat at the base. They are made with 100% synthetic PBT fiber that is not glue-bonded but rather heat-pre-bonded. The lashes of your clientele will not be weighed down, either.

Eight separate extensions are heat-bonded at the base to create the 8D premade volume fans, making our improved premade volume fans suitable for stronger natural lashes and clients who want a dramatic lash look.

Best Premade Fans for a Dramatic Look

8D and 10D premade volume lash fans are perfect if you want to give your clients’ natural lashes a dramatic boost. There’s a catch though, 6D, 8D and 10D premade volume fans are only for trained Russian volume lash professionals because the volume technique is extremely difficult for beginners. For example, some novice lash artists have difficulty applying single lash extensions or 2D, 3D volume lash fans. Extensive premade volume fan training is required to achieve perfection.

The best premade lash fans in 2022

How to Choose the Best Premade Lash Fans

The delicate art of applying volume lash extensions is akin to understanding Louis Vuitton and Chanel. You really need to be a master artist yourself.

The lash artist must consider the weight, natural lash health, diameter, length, curl of natural lash, and growing direction of each individual lash before applying it to the natural lash. If a skilled artist can't find this balance, the end result could be disastrous!

How to choose the best premade lash fans available on the market today!

  1. First, find out what kind of lashes you want. Do you want the look of classic lashes that are barely visible, or do you want the look of dramatic lashes that will make your clients’ eyes pop?
  2. Use premade lashes with short stems and fewer extensions, such as the 3D volume fans to create a very natural volume style. The shorter the lash, the less visible it is. So, if you want your eyelashes to be less noticeable, then you need to choose a shorter lash.
  3. Just use short-stem premade lash fans, such as 4D and 6D volume fans, to achieve a full, voluminous lash look. This is a great way to add some oomph to your existing extensions. You don't need a whole new pair of eyes to give your lashes some volume.
  4. Use 10D premade volume lash fan if you want to add some extra drama to your lash style. This style has been used by celebrities and influencers for years, and it's only now that you can get your hands on the same look!
  5. Premade 3D and 5D lashes are the way to go if you're looking for something that will take your lash game to the next level. This look is perfect if you want to go full-on glam.
  6. The 6D premade lash fan is perfect for achieving a fuller, more organic look. Have you ever seen someone with perfect volume lashes and a flawless look in every way? Well, our premade lash fan is the best option.

Benefits of Using Premade Volume Fans

We're not saying that you should ditch individual volume lash extension trays and go all in on the premade lash fan (though we'd love it if you did!), but we do think it's important to know what the benefits of using them are.

With our mixed trays of 3D and 4D premades, 6D, 8D and 10D in single-length trays, you can create beautiful looks for each client that are tailored to their eye shape and any one of the season's most popular looks.

  • The most notable advantage of using premade volume fans is the time they save. Lash artists’ clients demand both speed and quality. Lash artists can fit more clients, which means more money.
  • All of the Volume Fans are perfectly symmetrical and incredibly lightweight, making them ideal for applying mega-volume eyelashes.
  • Premade lash fans maximise profit because lash artists can service more clients in the same amount of time.

How To Apply Premade Lash Fans

There's no need to be intimidated by premade lash fans. We know you want your client to look like a million bucks.

That's why we've created this step-by-step guide to applying premade lashes. Here's how:

  1. Pick up the fan. Grab gently at the base of the premade fan with volume tweezers, and then lift it up and away from the strip very carefully.
  2. Reposition. Put the fan back down on the sticky strip, this time in a space of its own, so that it can be picked up again easily and with the best possible grip.
  3. Dip into the adhesive. We advise to use slower drying lash glue for premades. Pick up the fan and dip it into the adhesive. Dip 1-3 mm deep into the lash glue drop according to length of volume fan but if you are using an adhesive that dries more quickly, pick up a little more glue than you normally would for handmade fans.
  4. Apply to isolated natural lash. You will find that the application process is simplified thanks to the long base of the fan.


Are premade fans worth it?

Premade fans are worth every penny, as they are a fantastic way to save time and accommodate more clients, particularly for those who work in the lash extension industry.

How long do premade fans last?

Premade lash fans can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but the time frame is uncertain due to the numerous factors that influence eyelash extension retention. A client who does not need infill for two weeks is doing exceptionally well for themselves.

What is the difference between handmade and premade fans?

Handmade and premade fans may sound the same but they are different. The lash artist uses individual volume lashes to create handmade volume lash fans. Handmade fans are notoriously tricky to master but offer greater flexibility and customisation than their premade counterparts. Handmade fans can vary in the shape and symmetry of each volume lash fan. Premade fans guarantee you exactly the same shape.

At Flawless Lashes by Loreta, we produce heat-bonded premade fans, which are volume extensions formed into volume fans. Premades are pre-attached to strips and sold in trays so that they can be easily applied.

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