The dispensing system division, Lumson’s industrial core

Published: 4-Sep-2023

With almost 50 years of experience in cosmetic packaging, Lumson has introduced a business model based on direct control of the entire process and adherence to strict quality standards at every stage of product development, from design to production

Today, thanks to continuous investments in machinery and R&D, the Italian company is an undisputed reference point in the cosmetic packaging industry and appreciated for its ability to combine functionality, design, effectiveness, and innovation.

Among Lumson's flagship products are its dispensing systems, key elements of cosmetic packaging that require immense expertise, meticulous studies, and an extreme amount of technical know-how to ensure each component is highly efficient. Lumson boasts a wide range of dispensing systems in its catalog, all designed, developed, and manufactured in-house.

These Made in Italy solutions are designed to work in perfect synergy with Lumson's range of bottles, guaranteeing excellent results with various engine and dosage options tailored to each type of product (both airless and atmospheric) and are also available in eco-friendly versions.

As a way to support its internal division dedicated to dispensing systems, Lumson has launched a new website

Intuitive and easy to navigate, it’s aimed at showcasing the company's industrial DNA, where established technical and production expertise is expressed at the highest level and where an idea becomes a finished product.

This profound know-how is also reflected in the product section, where the wide range of dispensing systems is shown in its entirety, both the pump division with different materials and designs, as well as the section of droppers available in cosmetic or push-down button versions.

All of this reaffirms the Italian company’s extensive expertise. With Lumson, customers know they can rely on an experienced, flexible, cutting-edge partner, and trust in a single point of contact to attain a complete 'turnkey' packaging solution.

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