The next generation of active plus calming skin care for acneic skin

Published: 12-Dec-2011

CoValence ZENeration calming moisturiser

Yes, we (CoValence) do have maverick formula ideas. However, since we aren’t a P&G brand, we realise that our formulas may not take off until a large brand puts millions of dollars into their advertising and launches a marketing buzz… possibly years (sometimes decades) after our formula was created. Our ZENeration is a perfect example of a maverick formula that we have fine tuned over the decades, but it didn’t become a huge hit until a physician directed pro-acne company (yes, that’s all we are going to say) launched its Green Tea Moisturizer. Therefore it is my pleasure to reintroduce, again, ZENeration!

ZENeration is a light, non-greasy and non-comedogenic calming (zen-like) moisturiser specifically made from organic compounds and natural botanicals, soothing skin and dry patches caused by harsh acne treatments. It is paraben-free and fragrance-free so is ideal for any skin type, especially problematic skin. This soft, white gel-cream can be applied daily to improve skin’s vibrancy. Product testers have commented enthusiastically that their pore sizes seemed to be visibly smaller and their skin felt protected from environmental stressors after the first application of ZENeration.

As a past acne sufferer, I know the importance of having clear, radiant skin… the more healthy and vibrant our skin, our confidence soars which in turn helps us in everything we do. The four starring ingredients in ZENeration will transform problematic skin to perfect balance, helping to harness the ever elusive confidence. The four botanicals work together to firm, reduce pore size, boost the immune function of skin cells, protect skin from cell damage while gently moisturising skin. A revolution in acneic skin care that we happened to create a number of years ago, but we do thank the mass market brand for creating the new marketing buzz!

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