The plot thickens with more hair growing products

Published: 26-Aug-2016

With 20-25% of American and UK women suffering from thinning hair, and 40% of men experiencing noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, more brands are spotting the growth potential of thickening products

The plot thickens with more hair growing products


Nanogen (Pangaea Laboratories) is a UK company that specialises in developing products for strengthening, restoring and re-growing hair. In 2015 Nanogen launched Root Boost Thickening Spray which is formulated with heat-activated proteins to lift roots as it is blow-dried, prevent breakage and retain moisture. It also contains niacinamide to soothe the scalp and keratin to enrich the hair. The brand followed this year with a new version: Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray with Sun Damage Protection, which also includes active sun protecting ingredients that help to minimise colour fading in natural and colour-treated hair.

PRICE £9.95

The plot thickens with more hair growing products


Aveda (Estée Lauder) has extended its best selling hair care system, Invati, with a new range specifically designed for men with early to moderate thinning hair. The two-step Invati Men system includes Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo which both exfoliates the scalp and conditions thinning hair to help strengthen it, and Scalp Revitalizer, a leave-in treatment serum that is said to instantly thicken the look of hair and increase microcirculation with a blend of plant actives. According to Aveda, four out of five men say that the system helps to improve the look of thinning hair.

PRICE £25.50 - £45

The plot thickens with more hair growing products


Kérastase (L’Oréal) has also stepped up its product selection for thinning hair, extending the Densifique range with a range for men. Among the products is Densifique Bain Homme, a daily care shampoo that incorporates biotin to improve the quality of the scalp and texturising polymers to give an instant densifying action on the hair fibre, leaving hair feeling thicker. The range also includes Densifique Cure Homme, a 30-day hair density treatment programme.

Each leave-in treatment is formulated with 5% concentration of patented molecule stemoxydine to generate thicker, texturised hair with improved body and strength. Kérastase claims that after the recommended three months’ use, the amount of hair per cmÇ is significantly increased, with more than 1,000 visible new hair revealed in clinical tests.

PRICE €20.50 - €115

The plot thickens with more hair growing products


Matrix Biolage (L’Oréal) FullDensity Thickening Hair System is designed to be a complete solution for thickening existing hair and stimulating the regrowth of new hair. The shampoo and conditioner work to reduce breakage, while also nourishing and giving body to hair. Spray Densifiant is a thickening spray that is said to immediately thicken the hair fibre thanks to a blend of biotin, zinc PCA and gluto-omega. The final launch in the range is Traitement Stemoxydine Full Density, a pack of treatments that incorporate stemoxydine to renew and awaken dormant bulbs to expand the diameter of each strand of hair.

PRICE €15 - €120

The plot thickens with more hair growing products


Ojon (Estée Lauder) has also picked up on the trend with the launch of Damage Reverse Thickening Styling Mist. Combining thickening and styling benefits in one product, it incorporates ojon oil to help repair and seal hair cuticles, tamanu oil for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits and phyto proteins to add strength to thin and weak hair. Sprayed onto damp hair, it is said to deliver volume and soft styling control, and on dry hair it is designed to give an instant lift.


The plot thickens with more hair growing products


Redken (L’Oréal) has given its styling range a facelift by relaunching its 30 products with new packaging that is designed to be elegant yet simple. With sub-ranges that are now classed by number and colour, the brand’s volume-boosting range includes a styling product that claims to help make hair look and feel thicker. Thickening Lotion 06 contains proteins to help reconstruct and strengthen hair to build extra body, texture, volume and shine.

PRICE €20.50

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