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The Soapery is an independent company based in Ipswich, UK who specialise in sourcing natural ingredients for cosmetics. Our vision is to make great quality natural ingredients available to everyone, so they can make their own cosmetics at home. We offer a wide range of natural ingredients: Carrier oils, essential oils, butters and waxes. We also offer more specialist ingredients like surfactants, emulsifiers and thickeners.

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Natural oils for Cosmetics

We source natural oils from all over the world, and deliver them to you for less. The Soapery was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to great quality ingredients to allow them to make their own cosmetics at home.

We combine this with a strong focus on value, no-frills, and no added costs.

The Soapery

Looking to create that perfect fizz? We stock a wide range of bath bomb ingredients.

Bath bombs are incredibly popular, but can be tricky to make. But don’t worry, our technical team is on standby to help you troubleshoot your recipe if necessary.

The Soapery

Every cosmetic creation needs a bit of colour! We stock a wide range of mica powders, you’ll definitely find a shade you like! From make up to soaps, mica powders are everywhere.

Cosmetic mica powders are a more natural alternative to synthetic colourants. Try some today, you won’t be disappointed!

The Soapery

We bring essential oils from all over the world and bottle them for your convenience. Scent is perhaps the most important aspect of cosmetics. The right scent will really bring your creations alive.

Technical support is very important when it comes to essential oils. We’ve got the full range of technical documents that you’ll need for your assessments.

Certified organic ingredients

The Soapery

We’re proud to have a wide range of COSMOS certified ingredients, from organic essential oils to organic butters.

Organic ingredients mean saying yes to protecting wildlife and biodiversity, and saying no to animal testing. We believe that supporting organic farming is important for our planet.

The Soapery

We stock a wide range of Stephenson’s melt and pour soap bases. Perfect for the hobbyist who is looking to make a handful of soaps, or a professional looking to make hundreds of bars.

These soap bases are super easy to work with, and brilliantly cost-effective.

The Soapery

We also supply a range of natural botanicals. Perfect for adding the finishing touches to your cosmetic creations, and some can be used as a 100% natural way to colour soap. Whether you’re looking for dried rose petals, or kelp powder – we’ve got you covered.

The Soapery

Looking for silicone moulds for your creations? Whether you’re making lotion bars, soap or shampoo bars, we’ve got you covered.

We take the quality of our silicone moulds seriously, they’re all tested against our strict quality standards to make sure they’re just right.


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