Touch-screen hand mask caters for mobile users

Published: 14-Mar-2016

StarSkin is entering new territory in the sheet mask sector

A recent launch by Netherlands-based skin care brand StarSkin is entering new territory in the sheet mask sector. The Hollywood Hand Model hand mask glove (£6.99) is touch-screen compatible, making it particularly useful for today’s consumer, which often wants a mobile phone or tablet on hand at all times.

The nourishing and repairing hand mask features Double-Layer Technology; the inside of the mask comprises a felt inner layer coated with a serum formulated with shea butter and a blend of 16 botanical ingredients and oils. Meanwhile, a second completely dry and touch-screen compatible layer is attached around the felt layer.

The two layers work together to create a sauna-like effect inside the glove. This glove’s environment is said to effectively deliver the serum to the skin on the hands including the cuticles, encouraging repair and rejuvenation.

Sticky tabs are attached to the outer layer by the wrists in order to tighten the glove securely for a snug fit and to stimluate the sauna-like effect. The gloves are recommended to remain on the hands for a total of 15 minutes, before removing and massaging the remaining serum into the skin until absorbed.

Detailed instructions on the back of the pack explain there is no need to rinse following use, and the gloves can even be turned inside out after use to massage remaining serum into the hands and arms.

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