Turnkey Solutions by Aptar - A second beauty collection inspired by sports and the olympics

Published: 12-Jun-2024

Aptar Beauty unveiled its new Turnkey Solutions by Aptar collection at Cosmoprof Bologna, Italy, March 21-23

Inspired by sports and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, ‘GO BEYOND BEAUTY’ is a unique range which showcases the expertise and creativity of the teams. Collection #2 includes 14 ready-to-use products/concepts. Following a successful launch of the Turnkey Solutions by Aptar service in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Aptar Beauty consolidates and affirms its position as a preferred partner of beauty brands.

When cutting-edge packaging and formulation became one!

The new GO BEYOND BEAUTY collection is highly topical, tying in with the world of sports. It offers an advanced routine made up of 12 products focused around three highlights:

  • Preparation (3 products in blue tones)
  • Celebration (6 products in magenta tones)
  • Recovery (3 products in green tones)

This unique range highlights the expertise of the Turnkey Solutions by Aptar teams, demonstrating the extent of their know-how and the group’s capabilities: creativity, innovation, cutting-edge formulation, packaging and more. The premium packaging selected represents the most advanced new products from Aptar in terms of technical sophistication and eco-design. All of the products promoted in this collection adopt market-format packaging, meeting current compatibility tests. Brands that take advantage of them will be able to use them as they are or personalize them according to their specific designs and products, as they are completely adaptable. All the products promoted in this collection adopt market-format packaging, meeting current compliance tests. Brands can use them as they are, or customize them to suit their specific graphic lines and products. Total adaptability.

Savéria Guelfucci, Marketing Manager for Turnkey Solutions, says:

“With the first NEW DAWN collection, we presented a routine made up of ‘must-have’ products. With GO BEYOND BEAUTY, we are going further and deploying a greater variety of products. We are offering strong concepts, expressed through the exclusivity of the formulas, the selection of technical packaging, the attention paid to decoration and sensoriality, and unique brand marketing which considers beauty treatments and rituals, with references to sports highlights.”

A second collection that challenges trends and brands

The make-up oriented collection brings together mists, creams, serums, lip balms, roll-ons, highlighters, foundations... The teams’ aesthetic choices are aimed at a look of refinement, mainly in white (except for the tinted lip balms, to conform to the marketing codes of this segment), marked in three symbolic colours – blue, magenta, green – and numbered, in a nod to sports jerseys.

“The technical packaging solutions focus on the group’s most innovative products. Each one responds to environmental issues in its own way, such as mono-material for easier recyclability, use of recycled resins or refillability. With regards to the formulas, they align with these same requirements, as they are vegan and highly natural (95% minimum, according to the ISO16128 standard), while many contain upcycled ingredients. For example, the balms and lipsticks are made from vegetable oils and waxes, and the solid eye care contains recycled coffee oil and upcycled squalane derived from olive oil” explains Marilyne Candolives, Formulation Manager.

Inherent Exclusivity

4 exclusive Fusion packaging solutions

With the GO BEYOND BEAUTY collection, Aptar brings four new packaging solutions to the European market created by the group’s Fusion PKG branch.

They are:

  • Icon Jar, a special cream jar available in mono-material (PP) and recycled resin;
  • Space Sift, an ergonomic loose powder compact;
  • Airless Repeat, a refillable and recyclable airless bottle, made of recycled resin or mono-material (PP);
  • Single Roller Ball, an airless, mono-material (PP) roller ball applicator.

Fragrant presentation materials

The promotion of these new products is also an opportunity to highlight Aptar Beauty’s new expertise in scented paper sampling, since the acquisition of the iD Scent company a year ago. The new collection boasts a fresh and delicate olfactory signature, with green, jasmine and musk notes, created by the perfume house Parfex, which can be found – for the first time at Aptar – infused in the communication materials themselves.

A ‘Golden Hour’ capsule collection

On the occasion of Vogue World’s Haute Couture Fashion Week which will celebrate fashion and sports at the end of June 2024, Aptar Beauty will add the
premium ‘Golden Hour’ capsule to its collection, which aligns with the codes of haute couture and luxury.

Two product families will be in the spotlight:

  • Sticks, with a depuffing treatment for the eye area and an anti-blemish treatment for the skin, highlighting solid cosmetics and therefore waterless formulas
  • Refillable lipsticks, with two vibrant shades and a moisturizing balm

With its versatile offer, Turnkey Solutions by Aptar provides brands with a 360-degree service to develop their skincare and makeup ranges. The service is aimed at beauty players of all sizes – established brands, start-ups, indie brands, private labels – providing them with tailor-made expertise and support for successful launches.

On your marks… Ready… Set… Go!


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