UNDRGRND Beauty offers an assortment unlike any other online beauty retailer

Published: 3-Nov-2020

UNDRGRND Beauty partners with emerging beauty brands from around the globe, serving as the place to discover the undiscovered

UNDRGRND Beauty, a portal for the newest in undiscovered, soon-to-be cult beauty and skin care – is the result of a few industry veterans realising it was time. Time to pursue their passion for all things beauty, in way that gathered in the best of their varied experience, and the best of their ability to recognise product that may be just a bit different and deserves to be shared.

UNDRGRND Beauty partners with emerging beauty brands from around the globe, serving as the place to discover the undiscovered. “This is the place where a small or independent brand can reside and feel like its uniqueness will not be jeopardized by a retailer whose own identity is of greater importance,” says Neil Petrocelli, a co-founder of UNDRGRND Beauty.

“We want the beauty enthusiast to come to UNDRGRND Beauty and connect with new, uniquely positioned brands.”

Looking far and wide for the exceptional, emerging brand is an endeavor that each founder embraced.

Each bringing to the table brands that fit some kind of ‘niche,’ making the discovery all the more exciting, especially after founding full-service beauty marketing agency, Beauty Anthologie.

At launch, the mix of brands will be skin care, nail care, make-up and men’s.

“We are keeping the assortment finely-curated,” says Ehrin Fitzpatrick, another co-founder of the new website.

“We hold ourselves to high standards and are looking for brands who are like-minded. Each brand has an original story, an uncommon ingredient or a passionate mission that sets them apart from all of the others.

"This is not mainstream beauty. This is UNDRGRND. We want this to be an experience where the customer is not overwhelmed but overjoyed by his or her find.”

The addition of new brands will be free flowing, with a plan to introduce them every 6-8 weeks. As an extension of their marketing efforts, UNDRGRND Beauty welcomes each brand to add content, share press clippings and build relationships with customers.

UNDRGRND Beauty is a brand first platform.

“We see ourselves as more of an incubator or platform for these brands, rather than a website,” adds Ehrin. Another unique characteristic of the site Neil notes, “we look forward to helping these brands find their place, find their audience, and, of course, grow and when they are discovered, we will congratulate our friends, and move on the next discovery.”

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