Visit Biocogent at NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2023 - Booth 1003

Published: 26-Apr-2023

Biocogent is a premier provider of high-technology products and services for the personal care and cosmetic industries

Rooted in biotechnology, Biocogent utilises proven expertise in advanced research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and testing to provide our customers with innovative, scientifically-relevant ingredients. As a result, Biocogent products are distinguished by science-backed efficacy and substantiated claims.

As leading scientific research continues to demonstrate the fundamental roles that the microbiome plays in skin wellness and beauty, Biocogent delivers new categories of microbiome-modulating active ingredients to the skin care industry. Utilising innovative biotechnologies, Biocogent develops products that restore and maintain a balanced skin microbiome to address common skin concerns, including DermaPhage® and Pleiotanical® products.

DermaPhage® products feature highly specific bacteriophages to safely and effectively balance the skin microbiome. DermaPhage® CA is a microbiome-selective approach clinically shown to manage blemish-prone skin by targeting the microbial culprit, Cutibacterium acnes.

Produced using proprietary Pleiotanical® extraction methods, Grandiciin® is a bioactive, whole-cell Epimedium sagittatum extract that delivers potent microbiome-modulatory effects to soothe, smooth, and improve blemished skin.

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