Visit Robertet Health and Beauty at Booth 1274 to test some of their clinically proven botanicals actives

Published: 26-Apr-2023

Robertet Health and Beauty offers a full range of branded and natural active ingredients supported by clinical studies, scientific publications, and patents

Keranat™ Hair Oil

This natural hair oil is fortified with our Keranat™ product, proven to reduce hair loss and restore hair beauty.

Featuring our Citrus Ylang Essential Oil Blend comprised of copaiba, lemon, pink grapefruit, ylang, and coriander seed essential oils.

Holimel® Facial Serum

This daily facial serum protects your delicate skin from UV related damage fortified with our Holimel®, which naturally boosts skin’s defenses and protects skin against UV related damage.

This product also features Ravintsara Natur-Cell®, a patented and 100% natural encapsulation technology developed by Robertet. It uses inulin as a prebiotic matrix to protect the entire essential oil profile and to turn them into powders.

Tasmanol™ and Olive Leaf Body Moisturiser

This rich body moisturiser features our Tasmanol™, a natural skin healer that boosts collagen production, as well as our 100% French Riviera olive leaf, that supports circulation.

Featuring our Turmeric CO2 Essential Oil Blend comprised of copaiba, coriander seed, orange, and cedarwood essential oils, as well as our Turmeric Root CO2 Extract and a touch of jasmine absolute.

For a full list of our natural cosmetic active ingredients, stop by the booth to grab a brochure!

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