Welcome to Forward – TOSLA’S new sustainable platform

Published: 4-Jun-2024

TOSLA Nutricosmetics is thrilled to announce the launch of their new website, Forward>>. This platform is a bridge between TOSLA and a more sustainable future, and they are excited to share it with you!

 Forward>> is a reflection of TOSLA’s commitment to sustainability and a hub for all the information about their activities and latest activations. They have designed it to be a comprehensive resource that showcases everything TOSLA stands for, with a beautiful and user-friendly interface.

What are they committing themselves to?

Welcome to Forward – TOSLA’S new sustainable platform

Here’s what you can expect from Forward>>

  • Discover their sustainable practices and initiatives and how they integrate eco-friendly approaches into every aspect of our operations.
  • Stay up-to-date with their recent projects, campaigns, and collaborations.
  • Learn about their efforts to engage with and support communities.
  • Access a wealth of information, including articles, videos, and testimonials that highlight our journey and impact.

As a cherry on top, they are sharing their special B CORP video, presenting TOSLA’s team members and their thoughts on joining the B Corp community - click on the video below and enjoy:

At TOSLA, they believe Forward is “a step forward” in their mission to promote sustainability and transparency. They invite you to explore the website and see how TOSLA Nutricosmetics is making a difference.

Visit Forward>> HERE.

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