Works With Water serves anti-ageing jelly for grown-ups

Published: 11-May-2015

The supplement is said to boost complexion

Works With Water Nutraceuticals has brought out a new beauty supplement that is said to help boost the complexion and provide anti-ageing properties.

The product, help: beautify skin (£22.94 for a 14-day supply), is apple-flavoured and comes in a jelly formulation, rather than a pill or capsule, so that it can be eaten on-the-go. It contains PravenAGE, a patented blend of marine collagen, resveratrol, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera and vitamin C, which the company said are all “proven to deliver tangible skin benefits”.

“The continuous growth of the beauty supplement category is a clear indication consumers are becoming aware that skin health is not only about using the right topical products, but also about feeding your complexion from the inside out," said Jules Birch, Founder and MD of Works with Water Nutraceuticals. “Help: beautify skin contains only natural, clinically proven ingredients that are known to help achieve a radiant, rejuvenated and healthy looking complexion.”

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