Year-round sunscreen: a must or a myth?

By Jo Allen | Published: 26-Mar-2024

The advice is ubiquitous: wear sunscreen every single day. But not everyone agrees it’s necessary during the UK's winter months. Cosmetics Business finds out why

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Wear sunscreen every day, including in winter and even indoors.

It’s deemed the most important skin care step by dermatologists and aesthetic clinicians, brands and journalists, and messaging around year-round sunscreen use is only growing louder.

Year-round sunscreen made it onto the lists of 2024’s biggest skin care trends, and it’s easy to see why.

In the UK, melanoma skin cancer cases reached an all-time high in 2023, according to analysis from Cancer Research UK.

There is also enormous potential to increase sunscreen use, not only daily, but at all, as 32% of UK adults rarely or never use sunscreen (source: Melanoma Focus).

Sun care product development has advanced at pace to rid formulations of unwanted effects.

The latest innovations feature textures that are more pleasant to apply, formats that are user-friendly or even fun, and beauty-boosted benefits that as brands aim to encourage daily sunscreen use.

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