Youth defense cream – new formula

Published: 10-Jul-2024

We are very proud to announce an update of our successful Youth defense cream. This leading product has undergone an innovative update; In addition to the three existing plant (stem) cell extracts, we have added two more powerful plant (stem) cell extracts

The addition of these natural extracts has not only increased the effectiveness of the cream, but also refined the scent and texture. The scent is now in line with our popular Time stop oil, and the richer texture makes the cream even more versatile.

Skin ageing is caused by a combination of different factors. Such as the sun, free radicals, stress and nutrition. Fortunately, you can influence this and the skin ageing process can be slowed down through a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare. If anti-aging skincare is still too early, but you want to invest in maintaining a youthful appearance, the LOOkX Youth defense cream is the perfect match.

Clinical test results

  • 50% less elastin and collagen breakdown
  • 30% less hyaluronic acid degradation
  • an increase in procollagen production by 50%
  • an increase in elastin and hyaluronic acid production by 30%
  • 48% less damage caused by UV-exposure
  • 36% less inflammatory reactions after exposure to an irritant
  • 50% reduction in inflammation after exposure to free radicals

The new formula now includes plant (stem) cell extracts from:

  • (NEW!) The tomato plant: With two patented processes to freeze skin ageing, this blend of peptides and sugars from cell cultures of the tomato plant offers versatile protection against premature skin ageing.
  • (NEW!) The Japanese Rose: Gives the skin an extra energy boost and slows down the ageing process.
  • Raspberry: Smoothes and protects against premature ageing.
  • Cactus fig: Slows down natural degeneration and is a strong moisturiser.
  • Horse bean: Protects the DNA and increases the energy level of the cells.

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