A collection of inspiring formulas on the universal theme of music

Published: 14-Jun-2023

On the occasion of In-cosmetics Barcelona 2023, Seppic has invited its customers to discover "BEAUTY PARTY" six new formulas presented as a music festival, inspired by six musical trends - classical, rock, reggae, reggaeton, pop-electro, and rap. This collection answers to the consumers’ needs for more happiness and positivity

"Symphonic feelings", face cream inspired by classical music, is a real sensory symphony. A study highlighted and characterised the precise sensory expression of each excipient in the formula. This formula contains SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, a soothing natural oil from coriander seeds dedicated to well-being (In-cosmetics 2023 launch), and CERAMOSIDES™HP, which protects the skin from loss of elasticity. SEPIMAX ZEN™ adds thickness to the cream, and the duo MONTANOV™ 202 and SOLAGUM™ AX gives slipperiness during spreading. EMOGREEN™ HP 40 gives creaminess and leaves a film on the skin.

This formula, developed by our research and innovation team, won the Bronze Sensory Award during In-cosmetics.

Other textures are available in this inspiring kit. "Rock your mask" is a waterless black creamy purifying mask in an original stick form. "Pimp my shower", a visually attractive 2in1 shower gel, demonstrates the ability of SEPIMAX ZEN™ to suspend particles. The soft enveloping body care “My hips don’t lie” sublimates the body for a “caliente” skin.

“Enchanting party cream” reveals a unique natural gel-in-oil surprising texture, fresh and cushion, thanks to the patented technology GELTRAP™ using FLUIDANOV™ 20X with SOLAGUM™ TARA and AX. And “Relax daily care” has surprised everyone with its transformative texture for a light and quick-break daily face serum.

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