A daily routine for difficult oily and mixed skin

Published: 21-May-2024

Cosmetics are there to help people and nothing is more beautiful than presenting a solution for people with difficult skin. It is not easy to find good cosmetics for oily or mixed skin. The key to finding good cosmetics is simplicity, lightness, and efficacy. This article describes a routine of cosmetics that in our experience does wonders for people with oily skin and mixed skin

The routine starts at the end of the day. Before going to bed, the first thing is to remove the makeup. The makeup-removing oil is a formulation with StabiCare™ BLOOM and GOSULIN® IL. Both ingredients are excellent for removing makeup. The makeup dissolves in the oil and the emulsifiers of StabiCare™ BLOOM. GOSULIN® IL ensures that the dimethicones in the makeup are properly dissolved and can be washed away. Alternatively, if the person does not wear makeup or prefers more effective facial cleaning, the liquid rice cleanser is an ideal way to finish the day. The REMYTEC® FI cleans the skin but does not destroy the skin. It leaves a nice mat touch on the skin and prevents the skin from getting dry. This product is ideal for sensitive skin. It is important to start with a product that is light and does not stick to the skin. Both the liquid rice cleanser and make-up removing oil provide an excellent mild start to the daily routine.

After cleansing the face, it is recommended to occasionally treat the skin with something special. The rice pudding scrub or the blackhead eraser is exactly the kind of special product that helps the skin. The rice pudding scrub contains preBIULIN® FOS to support the protective skin microbiota in a time of need. On top of that, the GOSULIN® S750 ECO ensures that dead skin cells are gently removed. This completely natural scrub based on rice is hard enough to remove the upper dead skin cells and impurities, but soft enough to offer mildness to the skin. The second option to help the skin is with the blackhead eraser. The formula helps to unclog pores in rinse-off by making use of GOSULIN® RICE. This ingredient is a heat-treated rice starch that gently removes the top layer of sebum and again supports the protective skin microbiota.

To calm and refresh the face, the bye bye acne tonic is the ultimate solution for healthier skin. The preBIULIN® FOS helps again to support the protective skin microbiota. Carboxymethylglucan helps to reduce pores, increase collagen fibres, and improve elasticity of the skin. Finally, preBIULIN® C90 gives the tonic a great sensorial experience. The bye bye acne tonic is ideal to complete the day or give a refreshment in the morning.

Finally, the routine is complete with the mattifying rice day cream. A formula that is perfect under the makeup and gives a mat feeling for the whole day. Not only is this a good day cream, but because of all its supportive actives, it is an ideal formula for a night cream. Taken together, these formulas are an extremely good routine for skin that requires the special attention that it deserves.

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