An innovative Dutch company with a clear focus on the skin microbiota since 2002. The company is supported by the Dutch authorities to develop sustainable solutions to protect the skin and to make cosmetic products milder and safer through the skin microbiota. The company develops pre-, post- and probiotics. The company also focuses on skin microbiota friendly and natural alternatives to surfactants, conditioners and emulsifiers

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Biodine V

In Biodine V different plants cooperate to mimic the composition and the liquid crystal structure of our skin. The hydrolipidic film of Biodine V forms together with the skin cells the protective barrier which prevents trans-epidermal water loss.

The skin lipids are stored through a liquid crystal structure.

Sensitive, dry or damaged skin suffers from a partially destroyed hydrolipidic film. Biodine V repairs this damage instantly thanks to its similar composition and liquid crystal structure.

  • A healthy and resistant skin
  • Immediate skin repair supported with a long-lasting effect
  • Smoother skin
  • Skin repair
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Active in rinse off and leave on cosmetic products.

INCI: Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, Phospholipids, Glycine Soja Sterols, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Safflower Oil/Palm Oil Aminopropanediol Esters, Squalane

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When you think you are alone, you are still surrounded by billions of invisible allies. They inhabit the skin surface, leaving no place to foreign and hostile organisms.

These beneficial microorganisms form a protective anti-microbial shield against hostile organisms. This skin microbiota lives on a delicate balance. Daily events risk to disturb this harmony.

This balance is critical in the case of baby skin, elderly skin, female intimate area and the skin of diabetic persons.

When our protective microorganisms are reduced, their place can be taken by hostile organisms, such as C albicans. The skin or mucous membrane feels uncomfortable or becomes red and itchy. In a more advanced state this can lead to infections.

  • A Novel prebiotic
  • Works in a harmony with your skin.

Biolin: Applications

Baby cosmetics: The new and still delicate skin barrier is supported to prevent C albicans infections

Feminine hygiene: Works with the body. Supports the natural Lactobacillus barrier

Sensitive skin: Strengthens the sensitive barrier, especially in diabetic skin

Elderly cosmetics: Increases the protective shield in the occlusive diaper zone.

Biolin: An efficient prebiotic

The causes which disturb the delicate balance of our skin microbiota are always present. It is impossible to protect our natural balance all the time. This is especially the case for babies, elderly people and people with sensitive skin.

An effective solution is to make the balance of the skin microbiota stronger against important changes. Changes such as UV light, pollutants, cleansing products, occlusive conditions of diapers. The microorganisms can be supported by a prebiotic ingredient.

Biolin has such a prebiotic activity.

Biolin works as a kind of food supplement for the protective skin microbiota, while the foreign and often harmful organism can not digest Biolin. In this way the skin microbiota is favoured over the foreign microorganisms.

In the presence of Biolin the skin microbiota will recover faster, while the harmful ones are reduced. Eventual skin problems are prevented.

INCI: Inulin, Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide.

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Gosulin Agave


Gosulin Agave is a unique sensorial film former derived in a natural and sustainable way from the nectar of the imaginative blue Agave (botanical name: Agave Tequilana).

Gosulin Agave - A gift from the sun.

The blue Agave is originated from the arid region Jalisco in Mexico. Agave grows in dry and unfertile soil, where no other crop can grow.

The plant requires no irrigation, no fertilizing, no pesticides, nor herbicides. Agave is solely born out of the energy of the sun. The solar energy is transformed into a unique polysaccharide: branched Inulin.

Gosulin Agave: Applications

  • Facial cream
  • Anti-aging
  • Wrinkle concealing
  • Men’s grooming (After shave gel)
  • Facial Mask
  • Body lotion
  • Eye cream
  • BB-cream
  • Lotions.

Gosulin Agave: A production process in respect with nature

Gosulin Agave is the extracted agave polysaccharide, spray dried on a maltose polymer. By mixing the agave with hot water, the precious polysaccharide is released and a nectar is obtained.

This nectar is spray dried on a maltose polymer. The cultivation and the extraction has no impact on the environment, nor on food supply.

Gosulin Agave: For skin caressing softness

The natural polysaccharides of Agave Tequilana, offers caressing sensorial properties to emulsions, lotions, serums and gels.

The agave polysaccharides form a velvet network on the skin together with the oils, polyols and thickeners present in the formulation. These polysaccharides offer to the formulator an endless variety of surprising skin effects:

  • An improved and natural alternative to silicone elastomers
  • A long lasting caring after feel
  • Enhanced richness of watery formulations (gels, tonics, serums)
  • A delicate softening of the skin: Immediately and long lasting
  • Improved spreadability.

The enhanced/improved skin feeling is already noticeable at low concentration (0.1%). In each formulation the aesthetic effect is different, but each time deliciously noticeable.

Gosulin Agave: For a mattifying finish

If used in higher concentrations (>1.2%) Gosulin Agave reduces the shiny aspect of oily skin. The effect is immediate and long lasting. It is an ideal solution to avoid the use of occlusive make up.

Gosulin Agave: As a skin lifting and wrinkle filling agent

The comfortable network of polysaccharides woven over the skin by Gosulin Agave has both an appreciable lifting effect and an efficient filling performance on wrinkles.

In 5 minutes the wrinkle reduction is objectively measurable. The optical effect is convincingly noticeable. The effect is long lasting and depends on the dosage. The wrinkle concealing effect is already visible from a dosage of 0.25%.

INCI: Maltose, Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract.

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Gosulin IL


Gosulin IL is a vegetable-based emollient made out of renewable natural sources such as Sugar and Coconut. Gosulin IL possesses unsurpassed unique and amazing properties.

Gosulin IL: Applications

  • Sun care
  • Baby care
  • Day care
  • Hair care
  • Bath oil
  • Make up remover
  • Antipersipants
  • Aerosols
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Replacement for Cyclomethicone, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether.

Gosulin IL: Natural and Safe replacement for Volatile silicones

1) Volatile touch
Gosulin IL has a superior volatile behaviour, making it the ideal “improved” replacement for volatile silicones. Unlike silicones, Gosulin IL is free from CMR, free from solvents, has no inhalation toxicity and respects our environment.

2) Reduces the soaping effect/whitening of creams
When a high amount of waxes or fatty alcohol is used, emulsions become white on the skin during application; especially natural emulsions suffer from this problem. Adding Gosulin IL to such an emulsion reduces this whitening effect efficiently.

3) Boosts spreadability
Emulsions with high amount of vegetable oils, butters or waxes have an unpleasant spreadability. Gosulin IL improves this problem in a spectacular way. The effect is comparable to volatile silicones.

4) Eliminates tackiness completely
Sunscreens, vitamins give a sticky skin feel. In the presence of GOSULIN IL, this tackiness disappears completely. An ideal solution for day creams with a high SPF or a high content of vitamins.

5) Soluble with Dimethicone
Almost no ingredients mix with Dimethicone. Gosulin IL is a natural exeption as it mixes easily with Dimeticone. It is therefore a powerful (waterproof) make up remover without irritating the eyes.

6) Disperses solids
Gosulin IL is a perfect dispersing agent for Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium Chlorohydrate and make up pigments.

7) Dissolves sunscreens
Gosulin IL dissolves sunscreens easier than synthetic emollients such as Alkyl Benzoate.

8) Avoids oil separation
Gosulin IL is able to mix unmixable ingredients. In this way it eliminates oil separation in emulsions. Gosulin IL is also able to clarify bath oils.

9) Turns W/O into a O/W-touch
W/O-emulsions have the reputation to have a heavy feeling on the skin. GOSULIN IL transforms easily these W/O-emulsions into light emulsions that can almost not be distinguished from a O/W-emulsions.

INCI: Isoamyl Laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate

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Neocare P3R


Neocare P3R has it all. It is a natural emulsifier derived from pure castor and glycerin. Neocare P3R is not only mild; it actually hydrates your skin, protects and repairs your skin barrier without the usage of any active.

Neocare P3R produces glossy, gourmand and elegant emulsions. During application you can feel its protective and hydrating activity. The after feel is rich and elegant. The skin looks and feels immediately better.

  • Protective emulsifying technology
  • Boosting effect of actives
  • Hydrates up to 24h
  • Boosts SPF
  • Enhances water resistance.

Neocare P3R: Applications

  • Sun Protection
  • Night Cream
  • Body Lotion
  • Foundation
  • Baby Care
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Foot Care.

The emulsion with Neocare P3R has oil as an external phase which is not evaporating. This results in a longer and more efficient contact time of the actives present in the formulation.

In a standard O/W emulsion the external phase is water which evaporates fast. This results in a shorter contact time of the actives present in the formulation.

INCi: Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate, Polyglyceryl-3 Ricinoleate.

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preBiulin AGA


Prebiotic Hydration:

A synergistic union of high molecular weight Chicory Inulin and Agave Inulin with a dual action:

  • Super hydration: Hydrates the skin via the skin microbiota
  • Counter preservative: Undoes the damaging effect of preservatives on our skin.

Skin protection is an essential step in keeping the skin attractive and healthy. The skin has a dual strategy to safeguard itself.

  1. Hydration. A well hydrated skin is a well-protected skin. Water is crucial for building the barrier and to maintain the biochemical defence reactions
  2. Skin Microbiota. The outermost boundary of the skin is covered by a protecting and hydrating biofilm. This biofilm is a home for our skin microbiota that keeps the enemies of the skin out.

All cosmetic preparations contain preservatives. These antimicrobial preservatives are the weak spot in all skin care, as they reduce the protective skin microbiota.

Preservatives exert the following damage:

  • Reduction of skin microbiota: Reduced protection
  • Increased colonisation of foreign species: Increased risk of skin problems.

preBiulin AGA as a counter preservative

A counter preservative reduces the damaging effect of preservatives on the skin. The counter preservative supports the skin microbiota in its survival in the mid of destructive preservatives left on the skin.

This effect is quite underestimated. preBiulin AGA is the first counter preservative with convincing results.

Any cream containing preservatives weakens the skim’s microbiota population drastically. preBiulin AGA supports the skin microbiota in the presence of the preservatives which are always used in cosmetics.

A cream containing preservatives results in a significant invasion of foreign microorganisms. This increases the risk to skin problems.

preBiulin AGA avoids this massive invasion and thus reduces skin problems. preBiulin AGA preserves the health and beauty of the skin. preBiulin AGA protects and hydrates the skin through the skin microbiota.

The microorganisms produce a protective and hydrating biofilm, which is maintained with preBiulin AGA.

INCI: Inulin.

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Balanced mixture of long chain inulin with cellulose derived from cotton. Fibre thickener.

  • Natural derived prebiotic thickener for shampoo, gels, serums and emulsions
  • Suitable for opaque and transparent formulas
  • Provides smoothness and reduces the drying out effect of shower gels
  • COSMOS approved.



PreBIULIN ORAL, natural polysaccharides derived from chicory and sugar cane, supports the oral hygiene through:

  • Strengthening sensitive teeth
  • Fighting against dental plaque
  • Preventing tooth decay
  • Reducing bad breath
  • Improving the anti-microbial protection
  • Neutralising the adverse effect of an unhealthy diet
  • Improving the performance of toothpaste
  • PreBIULIN® ORAL also promotes indirectly the overall health of the human body.
The Oral microbiome

The first microorganism to colonise and to protect our mouth is Streptococcus salivarius. This bacteria protects us in endless ways for the rest of our entire life. As soon as the teeth appear S mutans and S sanguis colonies the hard surface. Finally, approximately 700 species, inhabit the mouth at a neutral pH. All together they maintain our health. The S salivarius controls and restores the balance where necessary.

Tooth decay

As long as this immense community is balanced, the teeth and our general health is guaranteed. Unhealthy habits such as the consumption of glucose, alcohol and soda disrupt this balance. S mutans transforms glucose into plaque and acids. The plaque is an ideal habitat for acidproducing bacteria. These acids then destroy the enamel of teeth and bring the oral microbiome out of balance. The oral microbiome loses its protective power: the unprotected teeth decay.

General health

The mouth is the gate of our body. Inhaled air and consumed food are potential dangers containing pathogens. A healthy and balanced oral microbiota is an efficient gate keeper for our teeth, gums and our entire body. Chronical diseases and high blood pressure are associated with an unbalanced oral microbiome. S salivarius protects us,

  • Through the inhibition of acid-producing, mal odour and other unwanted microbes.
  • Through the production of ammonia, neutralising the destructive acids.
  • Through making the oral cavity resistant to colonisation of unwanted microbes S salivarius is the manager and guardian of the oral microbiome balance.
Mechanism of action

PreBIULIN ORAL maintains the oral hygiene by strengthening and protecting the oral microbiome balance under all circumstances. PreBIULIN® ORAL supports directly the protective and regulating S salivarius, while inhibiting the growth of microorganisms responsible for tooth decay (caries), sensitive gums and bad breath. A healthy oral microbiome stands for an excellent oral health, which results not only in attractive teeth, but also in a healthy body.

Improves the growth of the protective S salivarius (In-vitro)

The growth rate of incubated S salivarius is followed during 8h. Compared to other prebiotics, preBIULIN® ORAL supports by far the most efficient S salivarius.

preBIULIN® ORAL works both through mouthwash and toothpaste.

Study results: preBIULIN® ORAL in mouthwash (In-vivo)

Protects S salivarius after alcohol consumption. Rinsing the mouth with 10% ethanol (blanco) is compared to rinsing with 10% ethanol + 3.3% preBIULIN® ORAL.

preBiulin FOS


PreBiulin FOS is a polyfructose extracted from the chicory root (Cichorium Intybus) and enzymatically purified towards a chain length of 10 fructose units and higher.

PreBiulin FOS preserves the healthy look of the skin by balancing the human skin microbiota. It also balances the microorganism responsible for body odor.

preBiulin FOS: Application

  • Day and Night care
  • Sensitive skin
  • Elderly cosmetics
  • Hygiene gels
  • Nutri cosmetics
  • Skin identical cosmetics
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • And all other cosmetics!

The main skin function is to build a protective barrier against the aggressive environment. The epidermis and more specifically the horny layer forms a shield that keeps out undesirable chemicals and bacteria.

Recent scientific research discovered that our barrier on its turn is protected by a far more impressive shield: a layer of microorganisms covering the epidermis.

This layer outnumbers clearly the amount of skin cells. Each skin cell is guarded by a unit of at least 10 beneficial microorganisms: 90% of our skin is formed by this human skin flora.

This microbiotic film forms an impenetrable labyrinth for foreign/harmful microorganisms. The discovery of this final and most important barrier is a game changer. Skin imperfections and skin discomfort are actually caused by a disturbance of our protective microflora.

The new approach: Prebiotic Balancing Cosmetics

Being the first barrier, our skin microbiota is constantly attacked by the harsh environment. The delicate balance of our skin microbiota can be disturbed by pollution, excessive UV, domestic chemicals, aggressive cosmetics.

Their only survival kit are dead corneocytes, sebum and oxidized skin lipids. Sometimes this is simply not enough to cope with the environment. When this barrier weakens, our skin becomes sensitive, dry, infected, itchy and wrinkled: the skin ages.

A classic cosmetic approach does not take into account the needs of this crucial barrier. The solution to slow down skin aging and to keep the skin in a healthy shape is to energize and to protect this precious skin microbiota barrier.

preBiulin FOS is a scientifically proven prebiotic that makes our skin microbiota and our skin more resistant.

Protecting, reinforcing and balancing the human skin microbiota is an essential strategy in preserving our skin health and beauty.

Skin Prebiotic

preBiulin FOS is a novel and scientifically tested skin prebiotic. A prebiotic is actually an selective food supplement for our protective and beneficial skin microbiota.

Harmful microorganisms can not metabolize the prebiotic. Hence the natural skin flora is reinforced and balanced, while the harmful microorganisms are disadvantaged.

INCI: Inulin, Fructose.

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Remytec FI


Remytec FI is a native rice starch that has been obtained by a unique purification and milling process. The particle size is extremely small and can be considered as one of the smallest in the Personal Care industry.

Thanks to this micro-particle Remytec FI is able to combine the hardness of rice with a ultra-soft skin feel.

  • Hard and Soft in one product
  • Micro hard spheres for gentle cleansing
  • Scientifically proven.

Remytec FI: Applications

  • Bath powder
  • Baby powder
  • Cleansing masks
  • Greasy skin solution
  • Replacement for Kaolin
  • Make up powder
  • Foot care

Remytec FI: Works as the perfect skin cleaner

Micro Dermo Abrasive Action
The small hard rice starch particles have a perfect round shape. These round spheres scrub and clean the skin in the gentlest way possible. Only dirt, sebum and dead skin cells are removed. Unlike surfactants, REMYTEC FI does not remove the protective skin lipids. Remytec FI cleans the skin, but respect the skin barrier.

The effect has been scientifically proven:
De Paepe K., Hachem J.P., Vanpee E., Roseeuw D. and Rogiers V. (2002) Effects of rice starch as a bath additive on the barrier function of healthy, but SLS-damaged skin and skin of atopic patients.

Acta Dermato-Venereologica 82, 184-186.
Micro Vacuum Cleaner Effect
Because of its extremely small particle size, Remytec FI has a unique large surface which vacuums sebum, sweat and microorganism away from the skin. This efficient cleaning action is performed without disturbing the skin barrier and without stimulating the sebum glands.

INCI: Oryza Sativa Starch.

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Inutec H25


Inutec H25P is a highly purified Inulin. Inulin is a unique linear natural sugar polymer based on glucose and fructose. It is extracted by means of hot water from the chicory root (Cichorium Intybus) and is further enzymatically purified.

Inutec H25P has the unique property to form a smooth and pleasant film on the skin and hair. It is particularly effective when formulated in rinse off products.

Harsh shower gels with Inutec H25P become milder and leave the skin softer. The hair feels smoother and regains its natural shine.

Inutec H25P has also the ability to retain perfume and oil components from rinse off products on skin and hair. In this way Inutec H25P can boost and to prolong the effect of oils soluble actives on the skin or hair.

Inutec H25P:Applications

  • Conditioning Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Shower gels
  • Shower butter
  • Deo Shower
  • Hand Wash
  • Shower Cream
  • Bath Salt.


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Inutec SL1


Obtained from:

  • Inulin extracted from the root of chicory (Cichorium intybus)
  • Lauric acid derived from Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera).

Inulin is a linear polysaccharide consisting of fructose with one starting glucose part.

Inulin demonstrates 2 remarkable characteristics:
Unlike most other molecules Inulin is extremely flexible. It behaves like a rope.
Inulin intensively adsorbs water.

To obtain Inutec SL1 this flexible and hydrophilic inulin is grafted with lipophilic lauryl chains.

Inutec SL1: The unbreakable stabilizer for O/W emulsions

The mechanism:

In a mixture of oil and water, Inutec SL1 migrates quickly to the Oil/Water interface. The lauryl chains are firmly anchored into the oil, while the long inulin polymers encapsulate tightly the oil droplet.

In this way an unbreakable film of strongly hydrated inulin stabilizes the oil droplets. Inutec®SL1 intensively improves the stability performances of all other O/W-emulsifiers.

O/W-emulsions stabilized with Inutec SL1 shows a remarkable resistance against the 2 major instability issue: coalesence and Ostwald ripping.

Inutec SL1: Safety

Unlike emulsifiers, Inutec SL1 cannot interfere with the skin because of its size and chemical structure.

The flexible hydrated Inulin film is able to encapsulate the oil into tinny droplets with an average diameter of not more than 1µm. The oil droplet size of emulsions stabilized with Inutec SL1 is therefore significantly smaller than the droplet size obtained with standard emulsifiers.

Flawless upscaling
Most emulsifiers are sensitive to upscaling. The viscosity/stability obtained on lab scale differs from the viscosity/stability obtained in production. Inutec SL1 avoids all upscaling difficulties, as the performance of Inutec SL1 is quite independent of emulsification temperature and way of mixing/homogenizing.

Remytec S-750


Exfoliation in balance with your skin and with nature!

A powder obtained by milling the rice grains. It is an effective beauty exfoliator.

  • Particles hard enough to remove the upper dead skin cells and impurities
  • Particles mild and comfortable to the skin. The skin feels soft, clean and fresh
  • Very stable in personal care formulations. Without an impact on viscosity, smell or color.

Prebiulin OP


Immmortal white

White crystal Inulin derived for chicory roots. A non soluble prebiotic fibre.

  • Natural opacifier
  • Supports the growth of the protective lactobacilli. Blocks the invasion of fungi
  • The ideal choice for intimate hygiene products and scalp treatments.

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