A Deep Dive into Tosla’s research: Clinical Study Investigating Three Collagen Formulations Just Published in Journal of Functional Foods

Published: 19-Oct-2023

The study results showed improved skin health for all active products

An article featuring the clinical study comparing the efficacy of three test products by Tosla Nutricosmetics was just published by the esteemed Journal of Functional Foods. A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised four-way study investigated the effect of 12- week daily dietary supplementation with collagen and MSM on skin health.

The study led by Prof. Katja Žmitek investigated three different formulations, one containing 10g hydrolysed fish collagen and the other two a combination of either 5 g or 10 g of fish collagen with 1.5 g of MSM (methylsulphonylmethane). The results showed that participants using the supplements experienced improved dermis density, better skin texture, and fewer wrinkles.

Uroš Gotar, Chief Innovation Officer at Tosla says: “Article in Journal of Functional Foods is a huge milestone for us and a testament of our commitment to validation of the efficacy of our formulations. The study also isn’t purely academical, I see this as actionable data, that we can use in our further product development as well as brands being able to have objective claims they can use in their communications. I believe this article is just a first of many, as further studies are already underway, we committed to at least one every year.

The study was conducted with 109 healthy female participants, all of whom were recruited from Slovenia. Prior to their inclusion, adherence to the study's specific inclusion and exclusion criteria was verified and each participant gave their formal consent. Participants were then divided evenly, with 27-28 subjects per group, through a computerised randomisation process.

The results of the study showed several beneficial effects on skin health. All the test products were able to improve dermis density, reduce wrinkle severity and improve skin texture. However, the products with added MSM were superior in the improvement of skin thickness and twice as efficient as the collagen-only product in the reduction of skin roughness. Also, a higher dose of collagen with MSM was crucial for the improvement in skin hydration.

Interested individuals can find the study details in the latest edition Journal of Functional.

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