Clinical study: collagen peptides and MSM unveil the secrets to beauty from within

Published: 26-Jun-2023

The beauty industry is witnessing a surge in the popularity of the beauty-from-within trend, and a recent clinical study conducted by Tosla sheds light on the effectiveness of three products that contain collagen peptides and MSM, a sulfur-rich molecule

The study explores the synergistic effects of collagen peptides and MSM, comparing the results of different collagen peptide doses. A total of 107 women aged 40 to 65 with a BMI under 35 participated in the 12-week study, which was independently monitored and conducted.

The study evaluated three active products alongside a placebo group. These formulations underwent stringent quality-control measures to ensure high efficacy, great taste, and optimal texture. Additionally, Tosla utilised its proprietary VELIOUS Masking Technology to neutralise the commonly unpleasant taste of collagen and other active ingredients, such as MSM.

Participants were divided into four groups, each receiving either a placebo, 5g of collagen peptides with 1.5g of MSM, 10g of collagen peptides with 1.5g of MSM, or 10g of collagen peptides alone, consumed once daily. After 12 weeks, significant improvements were observed in all groups except the placebo group. The changes included increased dermis density (up to 19%), dermis thickness (up to 4.4%), skin hydration (up to 40%), as well as reduced skin roughness (up to 12%), wrinkle depth (up to 21%), and wrinkle volume (up to 15%).

Of particular interest was the role of MSM in reducing skin roughness, which was observed exclusively in the products containing MSM, even when compared with those with the maximum collagen peptide concentration (10g).

Tosla remains committed to advancing scientific knowledge in the field of nutricosmetics by publishing the study in a prestigious scientific journal by the end of the year, while another one is currently underway.

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