A new generation of microplastic-free hair styling polymers

Published: 29-Sep-2023

In cosmetics, dreams come true. Hair styling may be one of the most difficult cosmetics to fulfill the customer’s dream. This is because there is always a trade-off between, hold, flexibility, hair feel, and of course price. Nowadays, this list continues with another dream: sustainability. Due to all these beautiful dreams, it becomes almost impossible to find the perfect ingredient in hair styling. How do you simultaneously keep your hair in shape, have a nice hair feel, formulate microplastic-free, and do this for a reasonable price?

The most famous hair styling polymer is PVP. The hold is very good, but the hair does not feel nice. Alternatively, PVP-VA can be used. The hair feels more natural, but you lose hold. Another option is to use acrylates with endless possibilities. However, acrylates are an ingredient that may not be well-received by the financial department. On top of this, all these ingredients have something in common: they are considered microplastics.

Two new ingredients that truly fulfill your dream are Gosulin Hold and Gosulin Style. These ingredients are hair styling polymers that replace and outsmart the traditional ingredients. There is no natural hair styling polymer that combines hold and flexibility.

Gosulin Hold consists of upcycled cellulose gum and agave inulin. As the name suggests, it does give you excellent hold. Moreover, it intensely hydrates the hair, gives the hair shine, maintains the curls, and it also thickens the formulation. No other hair styling polymer can also thicken.

Gosulin Style is a mix of agave inulin with polysaccharides. The latter is a result of the fermentation of molasses, a waste product of the sugar refinery, which means that it is also an upcycled ingredient. Gosulin Style contributes to the flexibility of the hair, it hydrates the hair for a very long time, it also aids in maintaining the curls, and the hair feels and looks natural.

All these claims are supported by research. First, the curl retention was evaluated by treating the hair with either 10% PVP, 10% Gosulin Style, or 2% Gosulin Hold. The curls were the best kept in shape with Gosulin Hold, showing a curl retention of 98%. PVP on the other hand has a curl retention of 90%. So, PVP is the cheaper option, but Gosulin Hold is the more economical option because, with just 2%, it is in total 5 times stronger than PVP. Also, Gosulin Style maintains the curls beautifully. Gosulin Style is as good as PVP.`

A new generation of microplastic-free hair styling polymers

The second test evaluated the hardness of the curls with a scale from 0 to 5. 10% PVP resulted in a curl with a hardness of 3.5. Spectacularly, the 2% Gosulin Hold gave a very soft and discrete touch. Gosulin Style contributed to a natural flexible hair feel, which was dose independent.

A new generation of microplastic-free hair styling polymers

The final test measured the improved hair hydration after treatment. Gosulin Hold hydrates the hair the most intensely. In the first hour, the hair is 120% better hydrated. Gosulin Style hydrates the longest. After eight hours, the hair still shows an improvement in hair hydration.

A new generation of microplastic-free hair styling polymers

The applications of Gosulin Hold and Gosulin Style are maybe more than we can even dream of. It allows you to make curly-girl-approved products, it is superior in men’s hair styling, the ingredients have a synergy with butters and waxes, and these ingredients are the start of microplastic-free hair styling. The ingredients also meet popular trends such as fermented beauty, skinmalism, upcycling, and clean beauty.

So, together, Gosulin Hold and Gosulin Style prove that 1 + 1 can be 3. Actually, in this case, the answer of 1 + 1 is 100 or maybe even higher. Hair styling will be lifted to a whole new level.

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