We Specialise in Sustainable Materials Including Cosmetic Ingredients. For over 10 years, ACTIVON has been growing slowly but sincerely. On the basis of Nature, Passion, Human and Trust, we are now going to deliver happiness to more people

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Based on Green and Biotechnology, ACTIVON was established in January 2009 as an innovative sensible and effective cosmetic ingredients company.

ACTIVON has succeeded in developing sustainable active ingredients, such as propanediol, by Biotechnology, so the world can fully recognise the company as an eco-friendly competent cosmetics ingredients company.

Under its slogan the happiness increases productivity and ensures best quality it has obtained various certifications, and made efforts to share joy and happiness with neighbours. Thus it’s selected as the family-friendly business in 2019.

Activon has employed over 50 staff full of happiness and smiles and it’s based in Ochang south Korea and established a branch office in China to pioneer the global market.

From the beginning activon has always remained with its slogan ‘we make happiness’ and dreamed of becoming a company where it takes the lead and shares the happiness in the world.

As ACTIVON continues developing ingredients based on Green and Biotechnology, ACTIVON will grow as a company for the next century,fulfilling its social responsibility to its staff, customers and business partners.


Green Antimicrobial Ingredients

  • Natural Preservatives
  • Alternative Preservatives
  • Skin-friendly Preservatives
  • Multi-functional ingredients
  • Total Solution Provider
  • Free Challenge Test Service
  • Preservative Guide Formulation

Bio Conversion

  • Fermentation
  • Green and Bio
  • Sustainable

Refine and Purification

  • Cosmetic Quality System (Odourless, Colourless and Purity)
  • Supply of High Quality Product through Purification

Stability and Delivery Technology

  • Stabilisation technology for maximum efficacy
  • Stabilisation technology for Unstable Ingredients (Retinol, Vitamin A, C and etc.)

Safety and Environment Technology

  • Development of Skin and Eco friendly Product

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