Anticipating trends at in-cosmetics Global

Published: 15-Feb-2019

In advance of this year’s in-cosmetics Global trade event in Paris, Imogen Matthews discovers who will be discussing what during 2019’s Marketing Trends presentations

Reasons behind the fast pace of change within global beauty markets will be analysed at this year’s in-cosmetics Global Marketing Trends presentations. Over three days in Paris, experts from leading research companies, brands and marketing agencies will cover a wide range of issues.

Drivers & influences

Anticipating trends at in-cosmetics Global

Global consumers are broadening their beauty product routines by embracing new concepts and formats that offer versatility, a variety of options and different end results.

Emmanuelle Bassmann, founder of In-Trend Ltd, will highlight examples of products that come with super-specific instructions, designed to maximise their effects through different types of usage. Bassmann contends that the simplest of products can be taken and used in a way that is beyond their intended function.

Today’s beauty brands are being challenged to adapt to changing norms and the increasing need for inclusivity. Jamie Mills, Senior Analyst at GlobalData, will examine the ways in which brands are repositioning their marketing stance to become more inclusive.

Mills will draw on research detailing consumer behaviours that are driving this shift and highlight the brands disrupting the marketplace, as well as the latest marketing and innovation opportunities.

Over the past decade, there has been a sea-change in the way young people identify with sexuality and gender. Sam Farmer, owner of Samuel Farmer & Co, will discuss how the personal care industry has the opportunity to develop a trusted, enabling and meaningful relationship with adolescents.

The trend for personalised beauty products has been gathering pace, straddling all sectors of the market. Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder and Nose at Experimental Perfume Club Lab, believes that the need for individuality has never been greater in a world of mass consumerism where everyone has access to the same products.

Her presentation will highlight different approaches to personalisation in beauty and beyond.

A major disruptor to the premium beauty sector has been the threat of insurgent indie brands. Hannah Simmons, Research Manager, Beauty & Fashion at Euromonitor International, will discuss how the premium beauty sector and legacy players are adjusting to changes in consumer priorities, with detail on the democratisation of premium beauty and the opportunities for brands of all shapes, sizes and prices points to compete with a meaningful value proposition.

Euromonitor will present on the evolution of private label in beauty with case studies of private label brands that are succeeding in their efforts to establish themselves as serious contenders to household names.

Anastasia Georgievskaya, co-founder and CEO of Haut AI, believes that AI can shape cosmetics marketing strategy and her presentation will feature case studies that apply AI and computer vision in their marketing strategies. She will highlight new technologies like synthetic data generation and computer vision for skin condition annotation.

In his presentation on tech and digital, George Henry, Associate Analyst at GlobalData, will explore the significance of ‘smart’ and digital technology in consumers’ product choices, the latest trends influencing their behaviour and how personal care brands can innovate to maximise these growth opportunities.

Jeremy Seigal, former CEO of AS Watson (UK) and Chairman of Revital, will talk about the current state of retailing and decline of traditional channels, while advising how to succeed against players such as Amazon and T-Mall.

His presentation will look into disintermediation, as beauty brands go direct-to-consumer both physically and digitally by using social media to drive purchasing and interaction.

Anticipating trends at in-cosmetics Global

Regional beauty insights

C-beauty is the new word being bandied around to describe the booming beauty market in China. Nicole Fall, founder of Asian Consumer Intelligence, will make the case for China as the next region to impact global beauty trends in her presentation featuring the latest data and insights into consumer trends and product launch behaviour.

She will also cover key ingredient, marketing and packaging trends from the world’s most populated country.

Anaïs Dupuy, Business Development Manager at Kantar Worldpanel, will focus on trends in the French beauty market, which has recently experienced a decline in fortunes. She will look at the different channels, product categories and targets to help understand the causes of the decline. She will also provide recommendations to brands on how to reverse the decline and move back into growth.

Spotlight on product categories

Looking towards the future, Andrew McDougall, Associate Director, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel, will discuss emerging trends in hair care and how the category is moving beyond consumer expectations of basic product functionality towards delivering a unique and singular benefit by hair texture, lifestyle or life stage.

His presentation will cover emerging hair care trends, consumer concerns and desired outcomes, and show how brands can recruit new customers to the category.

McDougall will examine the term ‘emotional skin care’ in the second Mintel presentation, a title used to describe sensitive skin, a condition that affects half of women worldwide, causing many to seek out gentle products that deliver relief from irritation. McDougall will look at how brands, suppliers and retailers can build trust with consumers with skin sensitivities.

Consumable skin care, or beauty from within, is an emerging category that appeals to consumers looking for more natural and less evasive alternatives in their desire for younger looking skin.

Alex Campbell, Director, Nutrivitality, will highlight the benefits of drinking collagen and why it is a more logical solution than current leading skin care regimes. He will also discuss which vitamins and nutrients can enhance the effects of drinking collagen.

Future trends in colour cosmetics will be discussed by Michael Nolte, Creative Director at Beautystreams. He will discuss how the demands of upcoming consumer tribes will shape the future of the category and impact on sustainability and male make-up.

His presentation will provide an exclusive preview of emerging colour and texture trends and how to embed them in storytelling.

Global consumers are broadening their beauty product routines by embracing new concepts and formats that offer versatility

Natural beauty

Controversy surrounds the area of natural beauty, though it represents one of the fastest growing sectors in the global beauty industry. Lorraine Dallmeier, Director at Formula Botanica, will challenge assumptions in natural cosmetics and discuss how Formula Botanica’s award-winning curriculum is changing hearts and minds.

Indie brands roundtable

This year’s panel of beauty brands includes the founders of 001 Skincare, BYBI Beauty and Samuel Farmer & Co, who will discuss how they achieved success. Moderated by Angelika Meiss, Senior Editor at COSSMA, the panellists will talk about the challenges and pitfalls new brands face when launching into the extremely competitive beauty market.

Beyond beauty

Karen Young, CEO of The Young Group, will take a look at what influences today’s consumers in non-beauty categories, such as technology, health, the environment, the power of brands, travel and home. Marketers are using lifestyle, not demographics, to fully understand consumer drivers and to ‘predict’ the future.

The Pantone Color Institute’s colour reports and forecasts are used by consumer goods companies to gain a global view on the movement of colour across current and future seasons. Abigail Bruce, Marketing Director, EMEA at Pantone, will reveal key colour trends and innovations in colour measurement technology that enable product teams to provide the right colour and to guide consumers in their colour choice.

Mariel Whatley-Brown, Director of Futures at Seymourpowell, will explore key factors driving change that give rise to unique challenges and opportunities for the cosmetics industry of the future.

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