Avon harnesses upcycled vanilla for Far Away fragrance

By Becky Bargh | Published: 3-Aug-2021

Exhausted beans from Madagascar have been double distilled to reveal new dimensions to the ingredient

Avon, the direct-selling beauty favourite, has upped its sustainability efforts with a new fragrance made using upcycled vanilla beans.

The exhausted beans – sourced from Madagascar – would traditionally have been thrown away, but were collected in collaboration with local communities as part of Avon’s sustainability partnerships.

The new ingredient is said to deliver new vanilla notes not harnessed before in the fragrance category.

Avon described the new notes as smoky and woody, and said they are achieved thanks to its double distillation process.

For the Far Away sku, the salty-sweet tones have been paired with sandalwood, pear and jasmine to give the new scent its depth and bold notes.

“We’ve pushed and stretched vanilla further than ever before to create unique and distinctive vanilla notes with the power to transport the wearer to a place they can feel most glamorous,” said Gina Ghura, Global Head of Fragrance at Avon.

“Far Away Beyond also marks the start of our fragrance sustainability journey, since partnering with Nature & Co last year, and we look forward to continuing to innovate.”

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