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L’Oréal opens new ‘purpose-built’ UK headquarters in London’s White City

The French beauty group has relocated its 1,000-plus London workforce to a new free-flowing, sustainable and energy efficient building

Unilever establishes Creator Council to support influencers with sustainability content

It comes after Unilever published a study which found that 84% of content creators are holding back from mentioning sustainability on their social...

Colgate-Palmolive and P&G lag behind Unilever at cutting back emissions

A study by Planet Tracker found some FMCG companies’ emissions were seven times higher than the recommended level

Why prioritising regenerative beauty practices has never been more crucial

As beauty brands continue to assess their environmental impact, could regenerative beauty be the key to improving the industry’s stress on the planet?

Watsons partners with Kenvue, L’Oréal and P&G on Asia-wide sustainability drive

The retailer will launch a new ‘Green Smiles Campaign’ with Kenvue and continue programmes with P&G and L'Oréal

Lush calls on public to help it achieve 60 tonne rubbish picking goal

The UK beauty brand, which still has 21 tonnes of waste to collect, has launched an online portal where customers can log their picking efforts

Meet the Buyer: Blomma Beauty’s founder on creating a sustainable future

Karen MacDonald, founder of Blomma Beauty, on the retailer’s strict standard for stocking eco friendly brands, exploring new product categories and...

2023 trends: The dual benefit of localising supply chains

More brands will bring manufacturing back home to both mitigate risk and resonate with conscious consumers

Exiled scientists honoured at L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards 2023

The annual awards programme provides financial rewards and recognition for women and their contribution to society in various scientific fields

M&S unveils in-store beauty recycling scheme

Consumers can return their empty packaging to receive a 10% discount on the retailer’s beauty products until 5 July

Inside beauty’s eco transport hacks for raw materials

What are the beauty supply chain’s equivalents to the food industry’s 'crownless' pineapple project?

Refillable make-up: how can brands boost the customer experience?

The vogue for eco-friendly refillables is also informing new product development in make-up, but experts warn consumer compliance is key

Fewer than 24% of consumers use refillable skin care, study finds

Barriers include difficulty finding available options and non-availability of preferred brands

The latest sustainable label solutions for beauty brands

From eco-friendly adhesives to multi-page marvels, Cosmetics Business discovers the latest innovations in sustainable labelling

Kao accelerates sustainability initiatives to achieve plastic-free by 2050

As part of its sustainability goals, Kao created a new production method which allows the company to use film recycled from used refill packs for...

Why mushroom packaging is finally poised to take over

Mycelium, the humble root structure of mushrooms, has been touted as the next big thing in eco packaging for a while, but will an updated, refined...

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An anti-inflammaging solution to counteract skin redness and signs of ageing

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