Baby care moves upmarket as parents seek natural products

Published: 14-Jul-2017

When it comes to buying toiletries for their precious bundles, there are few limits to what parents will spend and the choice is growing year-on-year, as Katie Middleweek reports

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It is stating the obvious that when a woman has a baby, especially for the first time, all notions of realistic spending can go out of the window. Said bambino will have to have the latest model of pram, the most high-tech baby monitor and the most luxurious car seat on offer.

The offspring will be dressed head to foot in organic cotton wares and will eat only pureed, wholly organic food when weaned, and the only C&T products to touch their skin will have been researched and reviewed to within an inch of their life before they even come close to baby’s precious body.

Perhaps some of that is an exaggeration, but there is certainly some truth in the closing part of that statement.

It seems that while some mums and dads give little thought to what they put on their own bodies in C&T terms, they will take an entirely different view for their little ones, and are often inclined to justify spending more money to make sure their choice is just right. Of course, the main reason for this is the notion that peace of mind can be purchased, to some extent, by handing over that extra bit of money.

This is not necessarily the case, in fact it’s rarely the case, but that doesn’t stop the baby care market from cashing in year-on-year on the never-ending supply of new parents wanting to part with their money for a range that is organic, beautifully packaged and looks divine in the freshly decorated nursery.

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