Baralan at Cosmopack Bologna 2024 in a constant dialogue between the company's historical soul, industry trends and product innovations

Published: 11-Apr-2024

New proposals for primary packaging featuring innovative decorations, iconic shapes, sophisticated finishes and versatile accessories

Baralan revealed the vision of a strategic cosmetic future, thanks to integrity, reliability, quality and premium services, which also pass through research and attention to detail, with a market focus on the corporate and product environmental footprint, but also to new ways of communicating to maintain a strong proximity with the new generations, thus exploring above all the digital world, with the recent opening of the company Tik Tok channel. (@houseofbaralan).

The vision, contemporary and actual, was equally showcased with the Beautytude project, which in its third edition represents a statement by Baralan in anticipating and capturing the most significant beauty trends. The focus is always oriented towards the expression of an increasingly genderless and inclusive global beauty where, in reinterpreting a beauty routine, this year’s edition focuses on more precise and functional applications for skincare, without neglecting the same trend in make-up, especially for eyes and lips, also with a view to customising needs in which packaging remains the protagonist. An offer that translates a belief in line with the 2024 concept of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, inspired by "Unfiltered Beauty / Natural Beauty", which focuses on the profound connections between the external appearance and awareness.

New shapes, styles, functionality, gestures: amongst the novelties for 2024 glass stands out with several new launches planned. Baralan enriches its collection with a series of items ranging from glass to accessories, from applicators to caps. Bringing attention back to glass, the company’s primary focus, the standard collection of glass bottles expands with new styles and capacities even with different neck variants to allow for a more extensive combination of accessories. The series of roll-on bottles will also be expanded to better respond to market needs. Finally, to expand the standard range of glass jars, Baralan introduces for the first time a new line of square-shaped jars, whose new geometric shape, which combines a square section with slightly rounded sides, gives the jar a modern and elegant look.

Lastly, the novelty, announcement at Cosmoprof, which marks a new era in customisation: an innovative solution for 3D Decoration of glass and plastic accessories, tailor-made for the cosmetics industry, developed in collaboration with Stratasys, a leader in 3D printing, and ICA, a global reference for innovation in glass and plastic paint. This paves the way for 3D printing in serial production, with advantages in terms of costs, timings and opportunities for a concrete commitment towards sustainability.

Baralan therefore presents itself with strong expertise and dynamism, which aim to maximise the customer experience, combining trend proposals, edutainment content, know-how and sense of purpose, through its history, its products and its industrial soul.

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