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BASF’s Care Creations® is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance ingredients for the personal care industry. The company understands human needs and meets them with scientifically and economically outstanding concepts and products – combining sustainability, digitalisation and innovation. Learn more about our products by clicking here

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BASF offers one of the most comprehensive ingredients portfolios in the personal care industry. The business provides the resources of a global industry leader along with consumer insights, sustainable solutions and the innovative drive the customers expect.

The high-quality product range includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, UV filters, thickeners, protein products and lipid layer enhancers. With production and development sites as well as sales and marketing offices all over the world, BASF offers its customers the winning combination of global reach and market intelligence, technological excellence and formulation expertise. At BASF Personal Care, we integrate sustainability into all processes and value chains.

The strong focus on consumer trends, specific industry requirements and the ability to innovate and bring new products and concepts rapidly to the market contribute strongly to the success of our customers – and make BASF a valued partner for the personal care industry.

Market Segments

Specialised in Personal Care business

In today’s increasingly fragmented personal care market, consumers expect more than excellent personal care products. They want to be seen as individuals and be invited on a journey. The journey our customers offer is a story starring their products and the personalities of the people who use them. But that story is only as good and convincing as the performance this product delivers.

Here at BASF’s Care Creations®, we make a promise to our customer to deliver solutions that fill this story with life.

What’s new

Responsibly Active

BASF Personal Care and Nutrition

In order to protect our planet and its resources while making an active contribution to each individual along the bioactive ingredients value chain, BASF is aligning its actions towards more sustainable practices.


BASF Personal Care and Nutrition

Verdessence is BASF’s new star lineup of biopolymers in personal care, strengthening the company’s focus on biodegradable and biobased high-performance solutions.

D’lite - Market Understanding meets Science

BASF Personal Care and Nutrition

With D’lite, BASF introduces a comprehensive digital subscription service for the personal care industry, enabling customers to speed up their product development and time-to-market.

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BASF Personal Care and Nutrition BASF Personal Care and Nutrition BASF Personal Care and Nutrition BASF Personal Care and Nutrition BASF Personal Care and Nutrition

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