BASF upgrades Sunscreen Simulator

Published: 5-May-2021

The Sunscreen Simulator 4.0 integrates EcoSun Pass to help develop ‘green’ sun care

BASF Care Creations has refined the functionality of its Sunscreen Simulator, a tool for determining products’ SPFs, to include environmental parameters.

The latest relaunch, Sunscreen Simulator 4.0, offers an updated, customisable user interface, which guides users through the simulator and expands options for creating and managing products and personal data.

Access to scientific support has also been integrated into the cockpit.

As Dr Myriam Sohn from the Global Technical Center, Sun Care, explained: “The integration of the EcoSun Pass is a tremendous step forward for formulators.

“In addition to UV performance, they can now also directly check the environmental impact of the selected UV filter systems.”

Also new is the Solubilizer Simulator, part of the Sunscreen Simulator 4.0, which evaluates the efficacy of the combination of UV filters and emollients and provides information about the naturalness of the emollients.

The simulator is a recognised benchmark for determining SPF, as well as UVA protection and photostability.

It can now also be used to calculate blue light irradiation and the generation of free radicals.

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