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Beautynova Elite is the contract manufacturing/OEM partner in the world of professional hair cosmetics.

We are recognized as a reliable, expert and competitive OEM company, a solid reference point for Hair Care Brands operating in the professional and consumer world of the Italian and global market.

We have always been focused on our mission: to establish ourselves as experts in researching, developing and producing internationally acknowledged, innovative and high-performance hair products.

Rely on our complete and well-established 360° service to develop exceptional Hair Care products and brands that focus on turnkey formulations tailored to your needs.

Beautynova Spa

We develop various product categories: colouring, bleaching and technical products, care and treatment products, finishing and styling products.

Creativity, innovation, quality, reliability and passion are part of our DNA as a contract manufacturer.

Beautynova Spa

Relying on us, you will find a complete and consolidated service to develop exceptional Hair Care products and brands, focusing on turnkey and customized formulations based on your needs.

We have the ability to inspire and realize our customers' ideas and this translates into a dedicated and complete customer experience, from product concept to pack through a path of continuous support.

Our promise is to understand our customer's brand and to share with them the business objectives they have set themselves, which is why their vision guides us throughout the private label creation process. Our qualified team will work closely at every stage of production and beyond to turn an idea from dream to reality.


Beautynova Spa

Professional products with a high technical content have always been our trademark. With our expertise, you can be sure of the utmost reliability from our products and the opportunity to emerge as a top player in the international Hair Care world.

Over the years, we have developed many different hair colour formulations: with oxidation, ammonia-free, resorcinol-free, paraphenylenediamine-free, direct colours, tone-on-tone and reflective colours. We also offer a variety of solutions regarding consistency: different types of powders, creams, gels, oils and emulsions.

To meet the increasingly customized needs of a multicultural clientele, we have developed more than 600 shades: from very light blondes to the most intense darks.

The same applies to more technical products – such as perming, straightening and waving – designed to perform at their best when combined with other complementary products including mousses, preparatory lotions and specific shampoos. Such synergy intensifies and enhances the desired results, thus guaranteeing you the efficiency of an all-round service.


Beautynova Spa

Our team of experts keeps up with the latest market trends. It is constantly searching for new and unique active ingredients, textures and superior product formulations, which can guarantee our clientele successful and visible results from the very first applications.

We have formulated complete treatments that solve or alleviate discomfort of the scalp or hair in general. Our range includes anti-sebum, anti-dandruff and pro-age treatments, hair loss prevention and deep restructuring treatments. In all cases, their quality and efficacy is guaranteed by stringent tests developed in partnership with our trusted trichologists.

Formulations are tailor-made according to your needs in terms of performance and what you want to achieve with the product: we can develop natural SLS/SLES-free, allergen-free or paraben-free formulations, as well as formulations with a high technical and chemical content.

Depending on your needs, we will always be able to develop the formula that best meets your expectations


Beautynova Spa

In the professional product range we also offer styling products for all hair types: long, medium, short, straight, wavy, curly, fine and thick hair.

We use a variety of formulations and active ingredients depending on your needs and required finishing.


Piazza Francesco Buffoni 3
21013 Gallarate, Green Palace 3° piano, (VA) Italia
Tel +39 0331 311399
Fax +39 0331 311529


Via Siracusa 8
21050 Bolladello di Cairate (VA), Italia
Tel +39 0331 312530
Fax +39 0331 311529


Via Savona 97
20144 Milano (MI), Italia

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