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With 100+ years in the packaging industry, 2.200+ packaging professionals, and a global network of suppliers and warehouses, we provide amazing packaging to our customers. We cover different end markets: Beverage, Food, Personal Care, Home Fragrance, Industrial and Beauty.

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Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries is the brand that specialised in the design and manufacturing of packaging solutions with a full-service offering for skincare, makeup, fragrance, and home fragrance products. It has been created after the acquisition of Premi Beauty Industries by Berlin Packaging which marked the start of an exciting new chapter for both companies.

With an infinite number of players, the beauty market is highly competitive. In this market, customisation and personalisation play a big role, and Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries gives its customers a hand with it.

Thanks to the know-how gained over years in the world of secondary packaging, we’re able to offer high-level support in the development and production of folding and rigid boxes. Global expertise, extensive product range, and innovative collections in addition to extraordinary design capabilities make the brand the ideal partner for companies of all sizes that operate in the beauty industry.

Case Studies


Berlin Packaging UK have a well-established partnership with Marks & Spencer for the supply of standard fragrance bottles and skincare packaging. They are also well known to the brand for their capabilities in offering a bespoke design and tooling service. For the launch of Autograph Infinite fragrance, they supplied both the bespoke glass bottle and unique closure that reflected the style and vibrancy of the perfume.

When Marks & Spencer were looking to create their newest fragrance, they were looking for a packaging that could match the quality of products synonymous with the M&S brand. The brief for Autograph Infinite was a 2-dimensional concept board and Berlin Packaging UK were asked to convey an interpretation of the shape they required for this unique glass fragrance bottle by means of a 3-dimensional model backed up with a realistic cost breakdown and the technical and commercial support required from today’s suppliers.

A foil design for the product name to be applied to the graduated spray coating was proposed. For the finishing touch, working cap specifications were also discussed to a very detailed level including final weight, and inner and outer dimensions, to ensure a consistent fit whilst in the manufacturing environment and guarantee perfect presentation to the customer upon opening.


They’re one of the largest retailers in the UK with the biggest chain of pharmacies, and Berlin Packaging UK are proud to be counted as one of their preferred suppliers of primary packaging.

The packaging solutions are used on various Boots products including their flagship own brand No. 7 for skin care and colour cosmetics. It is one of the oldest brands of anti-ageing, skin care, and cosmetic products developed in the UK. They were very pleased to be chosen to produce a pack for two of its latest additions to its nourishing skin care products: Water Concentrate and Youthful Replenishing Oil.

The brief was for a simple, stylish cylindrical bottle with decoration that would ensure the product would sit in the customer’s existing range whilst allowing the consumer the ability to apply the product in the recommended manor.

In the case of Water Concentrate, a vibrant blue, graduated spray was sampled and selected with a two pass print and a classic Black print onto a clear bottle was chosen for the Youthful Replenishing Oil. Berlin Packaging UK have also supplied a pipette that ensures perfect dispensing.

Berlin Packaging UK


For Ivy Hair Care Berlin Packaging UK developed a full range of customized packaging for their products. In particular they provided custom moulds in multiple colours. The products are made out of both recycled and virgin HDPE. They are proud to have given their contribution to this sustainable brand!

Ivy Hair care is a brand of sustainable hair care and styling products from the Netherlands. “Something is only beautiful if it is real,” it says. Ivy Hair products are 100% vegan and contain local ingredients. Also, the company has a green policy of depositing empty packaging. This way customers make their contribution to a more sustainable environment and receive a discount as a reward.

Berlin Packaging UK

HDPE Bottles vs PET Bottles

PET and HDPE plastics are very popular for manufacturing bottles and jars. However, understanding why to use each plastic type is important to many brands and a growing consumer base. Many new points have to be considered including:

  • Sustainability – use less energy and raw materials
  • Recyclability – will the waste fit into the current circular economy?
  • Container size – can we use concentrated liquids and make the packaging smaller?
  • Storage – how long will HDPE or PET last with other contents inside?
  • Refill ability – can we offer refill pouches and reduce costs for both consumers & manufacturers?

These important commercial and domestic factors make packaging brands re-think their offering and solution.

PET Plastic Bottles

PET is also known as PETE or Polyester. PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate and is mostly used for the manufacturing of plastic bottles for liquid or beverage consumption. PET is also used for many disposable plastic containers that are also used for ready-made or frozen foods. PET is popular because it provides a sound oil barrier that helps with chemicals attacking the plastic. PET can also be very clear plastic and can look like glass once set to its desired shape. PET can also be colour matched to be any colour.

HDPE Plastic Bottles

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene high-density (PEHD) plastic is one of the most common plastics used in manufacturing; HDPE is known for its durability and strength. While not as clear as PET plastic, HDPE bottles and containers can be translucent so you can see your product inside the bottle. This type of plastic can also be colour matched and is popular in white.

Berlin Packaging UK

Berlin Packaging Acquires Industry Leading Premi S.p.A.

Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier®, acquired Premi S.p.A in 2022, a global packaging supplier that specialises in dynamic and innovative solutions for the beauty and cosmetic industries.
 With research and development centres on three continents, Premi helps its customers from initial conception to product launch and is a recognised leader in the beauty packaging industry.


Skincare packaging for the body, face, feet and hair has become an essential daily routine for most people. Products fill the shelves for everything including; moisturising, enhancers, protection and, cleansers. 
Skincare ranks as the seventh-largest cosmetics market in the world and held the third spot in terms of largest markets operating in the UK in 2020.

As this market sector grows into 2022 and beyond. There seems to be room for new brands to push through and capture a slice of the market. As a commercial brand owner or start-up, what packaging project do you have in mind? The question can open many doors into the world of skincare! As a result, their packaging experts have put together a beautiful range of products that will dazzle your imagination for the skincare arena.

Berlin Packaging UK

Skincare Packaging – From Concept To Launch

When looking at a new skincare product range and defining the packaging product as a solution for your target market. You might be surprised that a product solution may already exist for your ideas. As hybrid packaging experts, Berlin Packaging UK offer many existing products that can be purchased off the shelf. These include:

  • Dispensing pumps
  • Bottles in a wide range of materials
  • Jars
  • Airless containers
  • Caps & closures

Berlin Packaging UK

Products & Services


Clearance Stock, Lotion Pumps, Cream Pumps, Spray Pumps, Mini Trigger Pumps, Foamer Pumps, Top Dispensers, Crimp Pumps, Trigger Sprays, Dropper Bottles, Mini Spray Bottles.


Disc Top Caps, Flip Top Caps, Over Caps, Screw Caps, Pull Top Caps, Custom Caps, Essential Jars, PP & PET Jars.


HDPE Bottles, PET Bottles, PP Airless Containers, PP Airless Pump Bottles, PP Airless Syringe, PP Dual Chamber, Flexi Tubes, Biopolymer Tubes, Extruded Tubes.


Acrylic Bottles, Acrylic Jars, Acrylic Jar & Bottle Collections, Acrylic Airless Bottles, Acrylic Airless Jars, Product Innovations, Pharmaceutical packaging, Ecommerce Packaging.


Compact Containers, Cosmetic Jars, Cosmetic Pens, Cosmetic Roll-On Bottles, Eye Liner / Dip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lipstick Cases, Liquid Containers, Mascara Packaging, Powder Dispensers.


Bespoke Products, Colour Matching, Product Decoration Options, Hot Foil Blocking, Silk Screen Printing Water Transfer, Metallisation, Embossing.

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