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Premi Beauty Industries is a global company specialized in the manufacturing and design of packaging solutions for fragrance, skincare and makeup markets: from design to turn-key service, we help our clients to create successfull beauty product.

We are committed in providing a 360° complete service, backed up by reliable teams of specialists at each step of the project development.

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Global Presence

Our goal is to have a global vision but to act locally thanks to the direct presence of Premi Beauty Industries Team where the sales, development and manufacturing of the packaging takes place:

Milan – Los Angeles – London – Moscow – Paris –Poland – Taiwan – Hangzhou

Manufacturing & Sustainability

Multi-material & multi technology know-how

We produce packaging in the widest possible range of materials. We know all the advantages and limitations of the process for each material. This allows us to advise the client on the most suitable solution for the project they wish to develop.

Glass expertise

The glass is particularly suitable for high-end cosmetics thanks to its high perceived value. It’s a material that protects the formulas from external contaminations, it’s inert and 100% recyclable! Thanks to the continuous research and investments on the glass manufacturing and decorations, we have therefore strengthened our glass expertise both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.

Design consciousness

Choosing an eco-friendly packaging doesn’t mean to give up on quality and design! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are three key concepts which drive our mission and motivate us to a sustainable commitment in the cosmetic packaging sector. We design our packaging starting from the Design Consciousness concept, in order to have lowest environment impact.

The Way We Do

Premi Packaging

The core of the company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of primary and secondary packaging. Premi catalogue packaging collection has an extensive range of packagings designed by in-house industrial designers team to satisfy all the needs of the beauty market. Driven by expertise, we develop also custom projects or custom components, defining them into details, analyzing every process limits, to off er the best solution in terms of quality, costs and timing.

Berlin Packaging UK

Premi Studio

Thanks to its team of professionals with wide-ranging experience in the beauty sector, our creative team takes care of development of packaging projects, from the concept phase to the market launch: marketing, branding, industrial & graphic design, prototyping, photo & video shooting. Our industrial designers, working in close collaboration with the technical R&D department, evaluate every process limits in advance, thus reducing and optimising the time necessary for product development.

Premi Formula

Are you looking for the best solutions of packaging + formula? Premi lab team selects, analyzes and tests the best-performing formulas in the market combined to the packaging. The mission is to offer the best mix and match between formula and packaging to propose “ready to go solutions”.

Berlin Packaging UK

Premi Digital

Premi Digital comes from the idea of combining skills, know-how and experience to help beauty brands to leverage digital tools to promote and position their products online. The aim is to off er a turnkey solution for companies that want to face the cosmetics market embracing new technologies and new solutions.

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Berlin Packaging UK Berlin Packaging UK Berlin Packaging UK Berlin Packaging UK

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