Body Proud raises awareness of catfishing in Don’t Fall for the Smooth Talk campaign

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 19-Sep-2023

The beauty brand has created an online guide to help Gen Z spot the warning signs of catfishing and enjoy online dating safely

Body Proud has launched campaign Don’t Fall for the Smooth Talk to raise awareness of catfishing.

The Gen Z body care brand has partnered with The Cyber Helpline, a charity which helps victims of cybercrime, to create the Am I Falling For The Smooth Talk Catfishing Guide.

The aim is to educate Gen Z on safe online dating after research by the charity revealed that 49% of young adults have been a victim of sextortion catfishing crimes.

A further 90% said that due to this they had to make changes to their everyday life while another 74% said it impacted their physical safety, found The Cyber Helpline.

Body Proud’s online guide covers the warning signs to look out for this “cuffing season” – a term used by Gen Z to describe the time of year when single people search for short term romantic partners to spend the colder months with. 

Such signs include, is the conversation moving too fast or has the person shared a story that has led them to ask for money?

As well as, does the profile appear to be ‘new’ in the sense that it has no friend connections or only a couple of posts, for example?

Advice on what to do if you sense something is wrong and where to turn for help is also shared. 

The aim is for the downloadable guide to be shared digitally among Gen Z.

A snippet from the Am I Falling For The Smooth Talk Catfishing Guide

A snippet from the Am I Falling For The Smooth Talk Catfishing Guide

"Now we are coming into cuffing season, there are added pressures experienced by Gen Z and young people around catfishing and cybercrimes to enjoy online dating safely,” said Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director at Body Proud.

“At Body Proud, we are on a mission to… raise awareness of catfishing and safe online dating. 

“We are proud to be championing the important work that The Cyber Helpline are doing and bring their mission to the forefront of the conversation with our community.” 

Charlotte Hooper, Helpline Manager at The Cyber Helpline, commented: “Young adults are more likely than anyone to report being a victim of a crime or harm involving catfishing.

“And many will not ever speak out due to shame and stigma, believing it is something their peers will never experience. 

“That is why The Cyber Helpline is delighted to partner with Body Proud to open up this critical discussion and to end the stigma around being a victim of catfishing.”

This is not Body Proud’s first purpose-driven campaign.

In July it launched the #nobodylikeyou initiative to champion body positivity through the power of social movement. 

Body Proud is owned by beauty company I Am Proud, alongside skin care range Skin Proud and hair care brand Hair Proud

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