Every day at Chemyunion, we create and develop sustainable and innovative ingredients aligned with market trends for the personal care, health, and home care sectors. Our advanced capabilities in delivery systems, organic and inorganic synthesis, peptides, and plant extraction provide maximum efficacy and safety to each ingredient while adding perceived value to our clients’ formulas and their consumers through relevant brands worldwide. Through sustainable processes such as Supercritical CO2 and Biotechnology, Chemyunion follows the world-renowned green chemistry precepts under the principles of Sustainability. Discover how innovative it can be for you to develop new products with Chemyunion.

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The Chemyunion Group has been combining nature and science to promote health, beauty, and well-being since 1992. We manufacture cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, food supplements, veterinary hygiene and beauty, and cleaning active ingredients.

Working to meet the needs of consumers and creating innovative products for competitive markets, that are influenced by constantly changing consumption patterns and global trends, is a daily challenge to be met for Chemyunion.

Being our clients' first choice is the driving force behind our constant pursuit of creating perceived value for consumers. This goal makes Chemyunion passionate about our clients’ businesses and seeks to inspire innovation in everything we do.

The Group has locations in more than 50 countries, affiliates in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Europe, and a strong network of distributors that provide an ongoing international expansion.

Significant investments, made in recent years, towards the continuous improvement of our operations, quality, and processes, have resulted in Chemyunion’s modern facilities and our state-of-the-art equipment allowing us to meet or exceed the standards of good manufacturing, distribution, and fractioning practices.

Our multidisciplinary team, composed of researchers, engineers, chemists, pharmacists, biologists, and other related professionals, is passionate about innovation and works tirelessly to overcome challenges in developing solutions and ingredients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Chemyunion Group connects nature and science in a way that promotes the benefits of health, beauty, and well-being. Through the adoption of innovative ideas, we have progressed by using Biotechnology, Plant Extractions by Supercritical CO2 , syntheses that follow the precepts of green chemistry and other technologies that are globally recognized under the principles of Sustainability. In our management strategy, we highlight eco-efficiency, waste control, and recycling. Through the latter, we generate income for social actions.

Respect for others is part of our fundamental principles. We agree with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, emphasizing that they must be applied equally and without discrimination, honoring the dignity and value of each individual. Thus, we make sure that our Code of Conduct is the main instrument for the continuity of our relationships. In addition, Chemyunion unconditionally resolves that its business environment shall be guided by healthy, transparent, and legal bonds. With respect to these principles that we seek in our Compliance Program, we encourage sharing practices, methods, and processes based on ethical commitments, and by supporting our negotiations in the fight against corruption. With the support of our stakeholders, we believe we are on the right path when it comes to caring for the planet, perpetuating healthy relationships, and adopting good business practices.

The process and resources at Chemyunion are based on Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO 9.001/2015, ISO 22.716/2008 and ISO 14.001/2015. Thus, at Chemyunion we have taken a definitive step towards our goals of innovation, quality and respect for the environment in order to earn trust with our customers.

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Innovation and Science aligned with Sustainability


Our global footprint and constant investments in infrastructure and research make our products the result of our advanced technological expertise. Our research and development platforms operate in an open innovation model - combined with technical capabilities in delivery systems, plant extractions, peptides, organic and inorganic syntheses, and pharmaceutical technologies - for the development and manufacture of innovative and sustainable ingredients, restating our commitment to building a better world and delivering safety and high performance.

Inspired by Beauty and Hair and Skin Care


We are passionate about creating and offering our customers multiple options that meet the demand of the cosmetic market. Our personal care portfolio was designed to include effective, sustainable, and customised solutions with multiple benefits and a wide range of applications, aiming to provide our customers with insights that allow them to create a perceived value for the final consumer.

We offer a range of ingredients in the hair care segment, from basic routine care, such as oil control and cover, to the most complex transformation systems, such as dyeing, straightening, etc. Based on their positioning, all products undergo strict evaluation protocols that attest to their efficiency and safety.

We also offer ingredients for daily skincare formulations and intensive treatments, such as skin rejuvenation, soothing effects, restoration of the skin barrier, skin tone homogenisation, and as an aid to acne treatment. Our research laboratories perform screening and proof of effectiveness through in silico, in vitro, and ex vivo tests, using systems that optimise time and deliver accurate results, in addition to performing clinical tests at partner institutes. We also provide techniques and methodologies for characterising the stability and sensory profile of cosmetic emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions.Ultimately, the well-being and diversity of beauty motivate us to seek innovative solutions.

Latest releases

Cellfie®: plant-based active ingredient derived from thyme (Thymus vulgaris) that acts on the non-invasive stimulation of lipo-filling of the skin and wrinkles.

ProShine®: 100% biodegradable active ingredient designed within the precepts of Green Chemistry, providing high performance of shine and color enhancement to all hair types.

Miracne: 3-in-1 multifunctional active ingredient indicated for acne treatment, with remarkable results after 7 days. Vegan ingredient.

Allinea: this active ingredient developed through the upcycling concept (lignin reutilisation) promotes the temporary realignment of hair fibers, reducing hair volume and frizz.

Iselight®: this plant-based active ingredient composed of Myrothamnus flabellifolia and Coffea arabica has an innovative action mechanism that targets the root cause of age spots, promoting homeostasis of the cellular detoxification system.

Restart PRO: this active ingredient, derived from corn and obtained using sustainable biotechnology, acts through the mechanisms of repair and proactive protection of chemically damaged hair.

Peptid4 S-Control: New synthetic tripeptide that reduces and controls skin oiliness with immediate and long-lasting results, in addition to visibly minimizing pores. Peptid4 S-Control works by blocking the melanocortin 5 receptor (MC5-R), which makes it an ideal solution for sebum control from young to mature skin.

Polluout® Detox: Haircare cosmetic ingredient with detox properties, restoring and extending the health and well-being of hair from root to tip. With the synergistic association of polydentate polymeric chelating agent, sodium polyitaconate, alpha-hydroxy acid-derived chelating agent, sodium citrate, and biosurfactant extracted from Sapindus mukorossi fruit, Polluout® Detox helps remove harmful particles and interferences to the hair and scalp such as calcium, magnesium, copper, and other pollutants, thus improving shine, combability, and the treatment effectiveness, protecting the skin’s DNA and revitalizing hair from its origin.

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