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The world of microorganisms is fascinating. This fascination has stayed with us for over 130 years. Our business philosophy has always been centred around hygiene and preservation. Usually hygiene only matters if it is already too late. The worst enemies are invisible. Germs may be harmful, causing infections and contamination. This is especially true in our world today, when germs cross borders faster than ever. It is the aim of our business to protect people and materials against this risk. Our mission is to protect lives worldwide


We are the specialists for chemical-technical preservation and antimicrobial questions.

Our Business unit Personal Care (Specialty Chemicals) develops, produces and distributes technical preservatives for the cosmetic industry. These preservatives protect sustainable water-based products against microorganisms.

In addition, we offer versatile, multifunctional skin care additives for cosmetic products. 

Our advice to our customers is competent and fair, thus contributing not only to product safety but also to the productivity and profitability of our customers.

Our additives improve or protect the products of our customers and the resources in our world.
Our specific strength is the overall knowledge in preservation and disinfection.

With our comprehensive concept of Microbiological Quality Management (MQM), we develop complete solutions for production of microbiologically faultless production, on-site analysis of production hygiene, from raw material selection, storage and processing to filling into sales packages.

Together with our customers we develop concepts for an optimum industrial and production hygiene.


euxyl; sensiva; sensidin; effisin.