The Body Shop’s B Corp certification at risk

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 8-May-2024

The Body Shop became a B Corp certified company in 2019 under its previous owner under Natura & Co

The Body Shop is at risk of losing its B Corp status, after a review into its certification was launched by the scheme’s creator B Lab on 7 May.

B Lab, which established the social and environmental impact programme in 2006, said it has received complaints against the embattled body care brand over compliance issues.

These are being reviewed alongside the wider context of The Body Shop’s change of ownership in December 2023 and its administration in February 2024.

“When there is a change of ownership, a certified B Corp must notify B Lab of their intent to remain within the B Corp community,” a spokesperson for B Lab said.

“After this large enterprises such as The Body Shop must recertify within two years of the change to maintain their certification.”

The Body Shop became a B Corp certified company in 2019 under its previous owner Natura & Co.

It took the brand over two years to gain the certification, which includes a three-step screening, assessment and verification process.

“We are looking at all the above issues to determine The Body Shop’s eligibility for continued B Corp Certification,” the spokesperson added.

“We appreciate your patience as we follow the procedure we have in place.”

The threat of losing its B Corp status is the latest hurdle being faced by The Body Shop, after its UK and German businesses collapsed into administration in February 2024.

The Body Shop’s Denmark arm also filed for bankruptcy on 29 February, while its French subsidiary fell into administration on 4 April.

In the UK, 197 stores have closed as part of its restructuring process.

The store closures and job cuts come after an extended period of financial challenges for The Body Shop.

This included multiple consecutive quarters of losses with former owner Natura & Co

Cosmetics Business has contacted The Body Shop for comment.  


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