Cosfibel designs Paco Rabanne Father’s Day fragrance packaging

Published: 28-May-2020

Six metal coffret designs have been created by the packaging company

Paco Rabanne has enlisted the expertise of packaging company Cosfibel for its Father’s Day fragrance line-up.

Tasked with creating designs for six fragrances, Cosfibel developed a specific perforation process for the desired result, which includes 2,521 holes in two different sizes to illustrate the PR monogram.

The metal coffret designs each feature a different shade and can house a specific selection of products for each of the fragrances: One Million, Invictus, Black XS, One Million Lucky, Pure XS and Invictus Legend.

Offset printed and protected by a layer of flexo-applied varnish, the products are held in place with a shiny black APET chock.

Cosfibel has worked with Paco Rabanne before and designed its holiday packaging for the festive season in 2019.

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