Cosfibel Group teams up with Yves Saint Laurent for holiday collection

Published: 10-Dec-2020

Cosfibel made the holiday coffrets for the luxury brand's new Dress Me Wild line

Cosfibel has developed the holiday coffrets for Yves Saint Laurent’s new Dress Me Wild line.

For the brand’s advent calendar, the coffret is based on a body made of thick card coated in screen-printed glitter paper and minimal matte black.

The two magnetised doors join together with the famous YSL logo made from cut-out card coated with polyester paper and applied by hand.

The inside of each drawer is also hand-decorated, while the different decors include print motifs or solid black with numbers in a variety of sized stickers applied by the co-packer.

Each coffret is delivered in a mass-dyed black sheath with a large window that reveals the central ‘YSL’ logo.

Cosfibel Group teams up with Yves Saint Laurent for holiday collection

Meanwhile, to pack Yves Saint Laurent’s gift box of mini couture lipsticks, Cosfibel created an eco-friendly, lip-shaped box made from card and coated by hand with paper screen printed in red glitter.

Inside, a made-to-measure cardboard chock is coated with the same decorated paper, something Cosfibel described as a challenging development requiring several adjustments.

The cardboard needed to be cut to the nearest millimetre to ensure the products are held in place just as securely as with a plastic chock.

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