CoValence introduces skin care for A Few Good Men!

Published: 3-Apr-2012

New Private Label anti-ageing products for men

CoValence is very pleased to introduce new Private Label products specifically made for A Few Good Men… A Few Good Men products work synergistically to fight the good fight against free-radicals, environmental pollutants and stressors that bombard men’s skin throughout the day. Go on the offensive… attack and prevent the signs of aging with the help from A Few Good Men.

Mitigator – Born to be masculine, but mild

Mitigator is just that… a product designed to be mild on skin and lessen the impact of the daily grind. Formulated for all skin types, Mitigator is a paraben-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free soothing oil treatment for inflamed skin and/or as a pre-shave prep, minimizes adverse reactions and maximizes healing and protection. With natural botanicals that are experts at nourishing and soothing inflamed skin, the five alarm shaving fire is sure to be extinguished. So if your skin is screaming for a break, take five and apply Mitigator for immediate relief!

Surprise Attack Foaming Cleanser – Your own personal covert ops!

Surprise Attack Foaming Cleanser is formulated specifically for men with normal to oily and problematic skin. This liquid wash is free of sulfates, parabens, fragrance, and gluten so it cleans deeply yet is gentle to skin and the environment. The combination of exfoliation and protection is the perfect one-two punch that attacks debris and keeps your skin looking good day in and day out.

Duelist – Challenge your skin to a duel!

Whether you’re under the stress of fighting crime or fighting rush hour traffic, Duelist is the ideal anti-aging product for your skin, smoothing wrinkles and protecting you from daily environmental toxins. Formulated for all skin types, this grey-blue gel provides maximum activity with minimal stress on skin. Duelist also helps to lessen the appearance of dark circles, hiding the evidence of late night acts of heroism!

Flak Jacket (Hand and Face Moisturizer) – The Pinnacle of Protection!

With our Flak Jacket, you’ll never have to worry about being protected from the shrapnel of everyday life. This white cream is designed specifically for normal skin, as a no-fuss experience. It helps to shield your skin from environmental toxins and foreign debris that can easily clog pores. Don’t leave home without it!

Gunfighter – Your own secret weapon!

Gunfighter is an ideal skin care regimen for the rough and tumble, everyday wear and tear that your skin suffers. In fact, Gunfighter actually goes a step beyond repair… it smoothes wrinkles, reduces pore size and protects your skin from future intruders. Designed for all skin types, this product is ideal weapon of choice for every man fighting the good fight of aging as well as the occasional oil and blemish.

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