Dow inks deal with Locus PI to expand biosurfactants to personal care

Published: 23-Feb-2022

Engagement will combine Locus PI’s fermentation know-how with Dow’s formulation expertise

Dow has announced an agreement with Locus Performance Ingredients to sell Locus PI’s line of sophorolipid biosurfactants to the personal care market.

The engagement will combine Locus PI’s fermentation know-how and ability to develop tailored biosurfactant ingredients with Dow’s formulation expertise and penetration into the personal care market.

Locus PI offers a broad portfolio of high-purity sophorolipids, an ingredient in the glycolipid class of biosurfactants, which exhibit superior performance in foam stability and surface tension reduction.

They also offer a substantial reduction in carbon footprint relative to conventional surfactants, according to Dow.

“Today’s consumers are looking for personal care products that can offer a hygiene factor as well as caring properties to their skin or hair,” said Isabel Almiro do Vale, Global Marketing and Strategy Director for Dow Personal Care.

“This partnership with Locus PI, an unrivalled expert in biosurfactants and fermentation, complements our innovation, strength and strong position in the personal care market.

“The addition of Locus PI’s biosurfactants allows us to further deliver on our promise to develop products that are safe for people and the planet while accelerating the transition towards a low carbon, circular economy.”

Tim Staub, CEO of Locus PI, added: “This exclusive partnership with Dow enables accelerated global adoption of high-performance, fermentation-produced biosurfactants that address numerous industry challenges while advancing shared sustainability goals.

“The resulting products formulated with biosurfactants can offer superb effectiveness with simpler, more transparent and more natural formulations.”

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