We’re innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty. And we bring progress to life

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We’re where science thrives

Our nutrition, health, and beauty solutions build on years of work: over a century of cutting-edge science, breakthrough innovation, and passionate co-creation, to be precise. With our rich heritage of scientific discovery and research, we know more than a little about creating the solutions people need to thrive – and helping millions around the world live life to the full.

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Sustainability: much more than a state of mind

We know sustainability. In fact, you could say it’s our (delicious and nutritious) bread and (sustainably produced) butter. From natural fragrances to feed ingredients that cut emissions from farm to fork, we know the recipe for delivering breakthroughs that address the most pressing needs of people, climate, and nature – today and tomorrow. Better yet, we’ll be raising the bar with our new sustainability ambitions and targets. Stay tuned …

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We’re in good hands

An ambitious company like ours deserves leadership to match. Our Executive Committee and Board of Directors represent the diversity, skillset, and values of dsm-firmenich – creating a powerful mix of knowledge, passion, dedication, and expertise.

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We’ve got history

Our rich history is paving the way to a bright future. More than a century in the making, dsm-firmenich is the story of two innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty – but there’s much more to it than that.

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