Emerald Kalama Chemical launches Kalama peach lactone

Published: 29-Jan-2019

New fragrance ingredient part of Emerald’s expansion efforts at Widnes facility

Emerald Kalama Chemical has completed an expansion at its Widnes, United Kingdom facility, bringing a new reactor train online and adding Kalama Peach Lactone to its portfolio of aroma chemicals.

Peach Lactone, also known as gamma undecalactone, is a widely used fragrance ingredient valued for its sweet, peachy, fresh fruity aroma. It is used in applications such as fine fragrances, cosmetics, personal care, household care and air care.

Gamma undecalactone is also used in foods and beverages, where it delivers a satisfying fatty, creamy, peachy flavor and acts as a fixative for certain fruit esters.

Emerald Kalama Chemical launches Kalama peach lactone

“We have continued to ramp up capabilities at Widnes since we acquired the site in 2015. We expanded HCA and ACA production there, which makes us the sole HCA provider with dual production in the U.S. and Europe. We have also invested in debottlenecking key products and adding new chemistries to solidify Emerald’s position as a global aroma chemical leader with a comprehensive portfolio,” said Paul Hogan, vice president and general manager for Emerald’s Consumer Specialties business.

Emerald produces Kalama Peach Lactone to very high purity standards (minimum 98% assay) using a safety and quality management scheme certified to ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP.

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