Esho brand founder swapped Botox for sex, says tribunal

Published: 11-Apr-2024

TV cosmetic doctor Dr Tijion Esho denies any physical sexual contact with ‘Patient A’

Dr Tijion Esho, the TV cosmetic doctor and founder of lip care brand Esho, gave free Botox to a patient in exchange for sex at his clinic, a medical tribunal has found.

During the Medical Tribunal Practitioners Service (MPTS) hearing, Esho (also known as Oluwafemi Esho) admitted to an improper emotional relationship with the woman, referred to as Patient A, with whom he exchanged ‘inappropriate’ sexual messages on Instagram.

But he denied any physical sexual contact with Patient A, who provided sex services via OnlyFans and webcams.

The panel, sitting in Manchester, ruled Esho did have sexual intercourse with Patient A at his clinic in Newcastle in 2021 and administered Botox free of charge.

It further ruled that Esho told Patient A he “could get away with giving her Botox in exchange for sexual services”.

Among the messages sent by Esho to Patient A was a December 2019 Instagram message, stating: “Ha free mls I’d need the whole booty and more.”

And one sent just weeks later in which he told her: “My God having you for a night/every night is a dream but if we do it for mls I break the doctors code and I’d be a dead man x lol.”

The panel said the doctor’s conduct was sexually motivated, but did not find Patient A to be vulnerable because of her profession.

The hearing will reconvene later this month to decide Esho’s fitness to practise. 

Commenting on the finding, Esho and his team told Cosmetics Business: “We are disappointed that the MPTS has today found against me in relation to the charges which I denied. 

“Throughout the hearing and investigation, with which I have cooperated fully, I stressed that I deeply regretted the mistakes which I made in engaging in communications with Patient A, and I admitted to the charges which related to those serious errors of judgement. 

“I am truly sorry for those actions, and apologise to everyone I let down as a result. 

“However, I have always been clear that whilst my conduct in communicating with Patient A was wrong, I repeat categorically that it never crossed over into any physical sexual contact. 

“Whilst I respect the MPTS and the process, I do not agree with its decision.” 

Esho continued: “My life’s work has been and will remain focused on helping people. 

“I remain dedicated fully to this purpose through our clinics and products and our charity work. 

“I am incredibly grateful to my patients and friends who supported me and showed tremendous compassion, understanding and have sent several supportive messages throughout this incredibly difficult period.”

Esho is the founder of the Esho Clinic, which has locations in London, Liverpool and Dubai, in addition to Newcastle.

He has provided medical opinion and cosmetic surgery commentary on television shows including ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s Morning Live and E4’s Body Fixers. 

Esho launched his first lip care line with Deciem in 2017, but the Esho brand was discontinued at the start of the following year.  

It relaunched in 2021, becoming retail channel QVC’s fastest-ever selling lip product.

Hero skus in the cosmeceuticals range include Coat Ultra-Hydrating Repair And Heal Lip Balm and Sculpt Ultra Volumising Lip Serum. 

Esho declined to comment on whether the tribunal findings had impacted his eponymous lip care brand.

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