How will new nanomaterial regulations hit cosmetics?

Published: 25-Jun-2024

Laura Daniela Silva Arias, Regulatory and Marketing Assistance at CE.way Regulatory Consultants, explains what the new restrictions mean for cosmetics manufacturers and consumers

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The European Union (EU) reaffirmed its commitment to consumer safety by announcing a significant update to its cosmetic regulations, specifically targeting nanomaterials, in March.

While fostering innovation in the cosmetic industry, this move aligns with the EU’s dedication to protecting consumer health.

The changes, documented in amendments to Annexes II and III of the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, reflect the EU’s growing awareness of the potential risks of nanomaterials in cosmetic products.

This article unpacks the critical changes and their implications for manufacturers, consumers and the industry, emphasising the EU’s commitment to ensuring the safety of cosmetic products.

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