Experience Ectoin: Visit bitop's booth at in-cosmetics Global 2024

Published: 12-Apr-2024

Visit stand #2H90 at in-cosmetics Global in Paris to familiarise yourself with this amazing multifunctional bioactive

Ectoin is described as one of the hottest trends in active ingredients in 2024.

As the original manufacturer of Ectoin (brand name: Ectoin® natural), bitop invite you to their booth, #2H90, at in-cosmetics Global in Paris to familiarise yourself with this amazing multifunctional bioactive.

bitop produces Ectoin in pharma-grade quality (ISO 13485), with biotechnological production that also conforms with ISO 14001, ensuring that the multifunctional active ingredients are manufactured with eco-consciousness. Additionally, bitop’s Extremolytes, Ectoin® natural, Glycoin® natural, and ECTOinOIL® are certified by EcoCert, Cosmos, Natrue, Halal, Vegan, and are China applicable.

Explore the portfolio of multifunctional active ingredients, meticulously crafted and clinically proven to address a wide range of skincare needs and trends. From anti-aging to hydration, bitop's innovative bioactives offer comprehensive benefits beyond the ordinary.

Discover the power of Ectoin® natural, a potent bioactive derived from microorganisms thriving in harsh environments, offering clinically proven efficacy for anti-aging, hydration, barrier repair, and more. Easily formulated and compatible with other ingredients, Ectoin® natural ensures colorless, odorless formulas with a pH range of 1-9.

For oil-based formulations, explore ECTOinOIL®. bitop's patented fermentation process minimizes environmental impact, making Ectoin® natural a sustainable choice for cosmetic formulators.

Meet Glycoin® natural, a 100% natural active ingredient with stimulating and energizing benefits for the skin. Derived from the desert resurrection plant and blue-green algae, Glycoin® natural targets aged, stressed, or sluggish skin cells, offering proven efficacy for anti-aging, rejuvenation, hydration, and more. With instant hydration effects and compatibility with any formulation, Glycoin® natural is a versatile and sustainable option for skincare formulations, produced with minimal environmental impact.

Furthermore, bitop's Technical Sales and Marketing Manager René Schmitz will address “Meet consumer trends with lab-grown powerhouse active Ectoin” on 18th April at 10:25 AM. 

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