Explore the mind-beauty connection with Solabia’s latest actives

Published: 9-Apr-2024

Visit Solabia Group booth 1H30 to explore their latest neurocosmetic actives!

Join Solabia Group for a unique skin care experience that redefines beauty through well-being. Step into the world of neurocosmetics, where the connection between inner and outer beauty is explored. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover our latest neurocosmetic ingredients linked to the mind-beauty connection!

As consumers increasingly recognise the impact of beauty on their emotions and well-being, neurocosmetics has emerged as a cutting-edge answer, highlighting the close mind-beauty connection. Through neurocosmetics, the skin emerges as a key interface, demonstrating how topical application can promote skin health through neural signaling pathways.

The Solabia Group strengthens its position as an expert in cosmetic active ingredients and targets the neurocosmetics trend with products exploring the skin-brain dialogue:

SERENIBIOME®, a double-patented active ingredient inspired by nature, is designed to rebalance sensitive, atopic-prone skin. Obtained by the biofermentation of Pseudomyza flocculosa, it mimics the beneficial properties of this epiphytic fungus to maintain the skin’s healthy balance. SERENIBIOME® effectively breaks the itch-scratch vicious cycle, harmonises microbial populations, and calms neurogenic inflammation by selectively inhibiting S. aureus growth, known to play a role in dysbiosis. Additionally, it stimulates cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2), promoting skin soothing and regeneration.

Discover RHAMNOSOFT® HP, the latest innovation in sensitive skin that targets the Neuro-Immuno-Cutaneous System. This polysaccharide, obtained through biotechnology, delivers comfort, and immediately soothes redness for healthier complexion. Demonstrated through electrodermal activity measurement, RHAMNOSOFT® HP restores skin comfort and enhances positive feelings. It reduces neuronal hypersensitivity, helps to fine-tune immune cell messages, and stimulates Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPM), for a comprehensive improvement of sensitive skin.

Modeled as translucent melting pearls, SOLASENSE® FUSE offers a unique sensorial experience. Obtained by an exclusive macro-inclusion technology – Fuse Pearl technology – the innovative association of polysaccharides creates unique pearls, that melt on the skin with strong stability and compatibility in formulas. More than precious pearls, these new Beauty Pearls by Solabia stimulate happiness mechanisms for a healthy youthful appearance, thanks to the inclusion of our bio-sensory active 3DERMILYN®

Meet us at In-Cosmetics Global 2024 to explore how Solabia is redefining beauty through well-being. Together, our latest neurocosmetic actives not only meet the skin’s immediate needs but also promote skin well-being and harmonise the beauty-mind connection for better self-perception.

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