Foreo makes room for new CEO alongside founder

By Becky Bargh | Published: 4-Dec-2020

Media expert Boris Trupčević takes up the reigns from the beauty brand’s founder Filip Sedic

Tech skin care brand Foreo has stepped aside to appoint a media expert to lead its business.

As CEO, Boris Trupčević will bring more than 25 years’ experience in media to the Swedish beauty player.

His career in editorial for print and online products, as well as digital operations, led him to become an active Board member at International News Media Association, while his execution of digital transformation plans could prove useful for Foreo.

Alongside the brand’s founder Filip Sedic, he is charged with leading the group through its next phase of innovation.

Sedic took up the role of CEO in 2018 following the departure of Paul Peros.

“What Foreo has achieved so far is outstanding,” said Trupčević.

“But there is a lot that lays ahead. There is a lot in impacting people’s lives and thinking wider – how do you contribute to the broader context, how do you help improve humanity?

“By making an individual happier, one by one, each being one small step towards a giant leap.

“If you’re genuinely helping people feel beautiful and more confident, to each person this feeling is as big as the universe, and it changes their life for the better.”

In just seven years of trading Foreo has rocketed to cult status. Now, the group operates in more than 70 countries and sits on-shelf in 12,000 stores.

First to market was the brand’s Luna range as a skin care tech hybrid using medical-grade silicone.

Today, it has more than ten products in its line including beauty tools, skin care and oral care products.

Speaking about Trupčević’s appointment Sedic added: “There’s so much more we can achieve together.

“It’s been a wild eight years so far, but this is just the beginning.

“Foreo disrupted and reinvented an entire industry, it pioneered a category of its own. That’s huge.

“However, in a big world it takes time to touch everyone and we still have a long way to go until we reach every person we can.”

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